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Nov 30, 2003
Hey, I'm currently playing BeBros great IMPERIUM ROMANUM. I have come to the last event change in 27 BC, but after setting up the new events, rules and units the game gives me the following error:

There was an error encountered in the 'events.txt' file.
Please read the manual to find out how to debug this file.

I didn't have any problems at all until now, atleast after I got around the XP-.bat problem by copying the files manually. I have already tried adding a @debug to the events.txt, but that doesn't seem to work, and strangely going back to an older event file gives the same error. Whats going on?

I'm using an english MGE version.

Here is my current save.
Did you add @DEBUG on the line immediately after @BEGINEVENTS? Try that.

Actually, I think I know what the problem is. The batch file doesn't just move around files, it also clear the events from the savegame so it can load the next ones.

You probably didn't do that step, and that's causing the error. Not sure how exactly that would generate the error, but still...

In any case, the easiest way to fix your problem is to get to make the batch file work again. See this thread:
Thanks, but I'm already using I'm also using delevent.exe on my savegame.

It is a mystery!
:hmm: Strange... Why wasn't the batch file working then?

There are no events in your current save, I see now, and you're playing the German version of Imperium Romanum? Is that version 2.0 or 2.2?

Do you also have a German Civ2 version? ... Then again, you'd have run into problems sooner if that weren't the case. Or did you perhaps just switch languages or something?

I can't actually test your savegame because I don't have MGE (testing on FW), but the 4th events file seems to load fine for me.
Oh sorry, I should have clarified. I have added the since the first post ;).

I'm using the english version of Imperium 2.2, dled here at civfanatics and a english MGE version.

I already reloaded the scenario and copyed the the save, but it still isn't working. When I start a new game I don't get any error, so the error must be with the save I guess.
Ah, I misread the language version you were playing, because BeBro hasn't completely translated everything and I saw a German name in your savegame when I had a quick glance at it...

And that actually also revealed the problem... BeBro forgot to switch off "Don't restart eliminated players" when he made the scenario. :hmm: Actually, he didn't, but it somehow isn't working anyway... Weird.

You conquered the Greeks and they were replaced by the English (Engländer) in your game. The 4th events file still has some events involving the Greeks, but it can't find them anywhere, so it dies and fails to load the events... I suppose you only recently killed the Greeks, which explains why you didn't have the problem earlier. And that also explains why none of the events are working now.

I've renamed the destroyed civ back to the Greeks so your current game should work again (see attachment). I tried fixing the "Don't restart eliminated players"-problem, but I can't get it to work.

A work-around for future games is to edit the rules.txt (all of them) and edit the @LEADERS section so that all civs match the ones you get when you start the scenario (so civs 1, 8 and 15 are all Romans, civs 6, 13 and 20 are all Greeks etc.) That way when a new player is generated it will still match the name in the events.

I see BeBro didn't actually translate the @LEADERS section to English. I suppose he just edited the names in-game. Maybe that's actually the reason why the restart problem happens at all.

In fact, if you translate the @LEADERS section, you also have to rename the civ titles in the CITY.TXT files, because they match up with those. If you only rename the leaders, Civ2 won't find a matching civ when you want to build a new city anymore and fall back to the standard city.txt, I think.

It looks like BeBro was a little sloppy when he translated his scenario to English.


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Thanks alot! With your assistance I have completed the conquest of the known world! Victory for Rome!

Strange that nobody else has noticed the problem before, BeBro would certainly have made a patch, wouldn't he?
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