Proper way to "unload" armies?


Mar 1, 2002
Santa Cruz, CA
Hello All,
After my last game, I decied that armies really do suck. The only thing I think they would be good for is defense, but since I never get attacked :p I just put two Mech Inf in every city.
Anyways, I had something like 7 armies of Mod Armor in my last game, and I couldn't find a good way to unload them.
I tried the moving a unit of the same type onto the same square as the army, and stack moving all of them, but after breaking up my fifth army or so, the game crashed.

Does anybody know of a better way to unload armies (of course this question is slightly useless as I won't even be building armies anymore).
AFAIK unloading armies is not possible legally. There is a bug you used and that is the only solution.
I also think that armies are useless. I will use my leaders just for hurrying improvements.
You used a bug, and your game crashed :rolleyes:

There is no legal way to unload an army. Just disband them for 100 shields. I'd like to be able to upgrade units in armies though. That would make sense.

As for the army use, check my posts, there are several benefits from using armies.

If you are never attacked, change your difficuly level ;)

loki: I hear ya on the difficulty level. I just started my first Regent game this past, quite a bit harder :) It looks like I may use armies, but I'm still not sure. I can't seem to get any early on cause my guys die too quick :rolleyes:
Thanks for the info though.

Oh, as far as upgrading army units, I read somewhere that if you do a Shift-U on a particular unit (say Tanks) while an army is in a city with Barracks, that the army units will be upgraded too.
I have yet to try this, but I think I remember reading that.
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