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Dec 19, 2017
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Proposal Queue
Below is a list of the current proposals that are passed and queued (not yet implemented into Vox Populi). New proposals cannot be made if they conflict with any proposals in the queue. Proposals can be made once the changes in the proposal are implemented in a Vox Populi release. The deadline for a proposal to be implemented by the sponsor after being passed is the end of the next session's Voting Phase.

ProposalSponsorStatusImplementation Deadline

Ratification Queue
Below is a list of the current changes that are awaiting ratification. After a proposal is passed and implemented, it is moved here. Balance changes which were made by Vox Populi developers outside of the Vox Populi Congress process will also be ratified here. Proposals that conflict with any changes in this list will be considered counterproposals, and must not be substantially greater in scope than the original proposal.

What is Ratification?
Once a new release is made including approved changes, a 7 day timer starts. After the players have had 7 days to playtest the changes, a review poll will be made during a following Voting Phase, where players will be asked to ratify (confirm) the changes.

Change(s)Release or Most Recent Fix DateRatification Vote Begins OnNotes

Additional Non-Proposal Changes Awaiting Ratification:
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