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vp congress

  1. Recursive

    VP Congress 3.0 Update

    Hi everyone, Version 3.0 of the Vox Populi Congress Guide is now live: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/vox-populi-congress-guide.678962/ Sessions will now take place quarterly per the community vote, and the rules have been simplified significantly. We are now in the Implementation...
  2. Recursive

    [Vote] Frequency of VP Congress Sessions (4 or 6 times a year? You decide!)

    Following the update to the VP Congress schedule, several people have suggested that VP Congress sessions should happen 4 times per year instead of 6 times per year. I've decided to leave this decision up to the community. In true VP Congress fashion, you can vote for either option, or for both...
  3. Recursive

    [Vote] VP Congress Session #3 Voting

    Voting is now open for Session #3 of the Vox Populi Congress! Sorry again for the delay. The Voting Phase has been extended to give everyone 7 days of voting time. The remainder of February thereafter will be a cooldown period. Session #4 will begin on March 1. Ratification Votes are no longer...
  4. Recursive

    Update to VP Congress Schedule

    Hey everyone, First, I'm sorry for my absence. The electricity and heating in my home broke down and I had a lot of missed work to catch up on. I will be starting the Voting Phase for Session #3 tonight and extending it to ensure there are 7 days of voting time. Second, thank you for your...
  5. Recursive

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Stop Referencing Proposal Numbers In Threads

    Hey everyone, Please stop referencing proposal numbers in threads when discussing balance. For example, saying "if 2-45 passes, then this balance element will be affected too". This is because proposal numbers will change as proposals are vetoed, withdrawn, edited, or not sponsored, and anyone...
  6. Recursive

    Vox Populi Congress 2.0 Back On Schedule!

    The Vox Populi Congress Guide has been amended to include all of my changes based on your feedback and my own observations. Please read it carefully. This should hopefully cover all the problems and edge case situations which arose during the pilot test of the system. Fingers crossed that it...
  7. Recursive

    Proposal & Ratification Queues

    If you notice an error in this post, please send me (@Recursive) a message by conversation. Proposal Queue Below is a list of the current proposals that are passed and queued (not yet implemented into Vox Populi). New proposals cannot be made if they conflict with any proposals in the queue...
  8. Recursive

    VP Congress Session Results

    This thread summarizes and records the results of each Vox Populi Congress session. Proposals which were vetoed (VT), withdrawn (WD) or not sponsored (NS) prior to the session's Voting Phase will not be listed here; they can be viewed in the Failed Proposals subforum. Vox Populi Congress...
  9. Recursive

    Update on Upcoming Schedule

    Hey everyone, Sorry for the radio silence on my part, I've been busy both with the new release and with juggling a large number of real life responsibilities. There have been considerable delays in getting the next version (version 3.0) out, but I believe the players will greatly enjoy the...
  10. Recursive

    Post Your VP Congress Feedback Here!

    Now that the voting phase is underway and all proposals are posted, I would like to reach out to the community. What do you think of the new VP Congress System? Note: If you're having trouble seeing all of the proposals, you can filter using the [Vote] prefix and sort by title, as shown here...
  11. Recursive

    Current VP Congress Phase: Playtesting (No New Proposals or Amendments)

    The Playtesting Phase for Session #3 has begun and will continue until April 1, 2023 at 12 AM CST. For information on each VP Congress Phase, please read the guide: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/vox-populi-congress-guide.678962/
  12. Recursive

    (10a) Counterproposal: Make Warlord Bonus Neutral, Settler Easier, Rework Difficulty Levels and Barbarians

    Counterproposal to: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/10-proposal-chieftain-difficulty-become-bonus-neutral.679015/ Note: I have a separate proposal to remove AI randomness for policy, tech and city production choice on all difficulty levels, which does not conflict with this one...
  13. A

    (1-NS) Rework on the Trailblazer promotion line

    This proposal is a counterproposal of this one : Proposal: Replace double movement promotions. I'm trying to clarify what I understand of the proposal above, whilst adding a bit of my own touch to it (if you feel I shouldn't do a proposal, feel free to remove this one devs). So, here it is ...
  14. Recursive

    New Version - 2.7.3 (October 7, 2022)

    Hey everyone, New version inbound! We have major balance changes this version in a number of areas, notably Happiness, Technologies, Skirmishers and some Buildings, which we are excited to see you playtest! In addition, today's release marks the formal beginning of the first session of the VP...
  15. Recursive

    Vox Populi Congress Guide

    The Vox Populi Congress is a formal system to propose changes to the mod which will be run by me, Recursive (the Host) throughout the year. It began on October 1, 2022. VP Congress Phases Anyone who wishes to propose a change to the mod (even if they're just a player and not a coder!) can go...
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