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Jan 13, 2002
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Is it possible to sell your granary after you build pyrimids and get the money and it is rebuilt automaticly;) (I haven't had time to test it. It came to me while i was looking at the forums)
Once you get the pyramids, you can't sell the granary.

You have to sell it immediately before you build the wonder. I don't build granaries until I *don't* get the Pyramids.

Because I build so many settlers, it doesn't seem necessary early on.
You can sell the granary. Right click on the granary in a town that had a granary before the pyramids and select sell.
u can sell the granary and the barracks when u got pyramids and sun tzu.
Generally i don't think about granaries early unless one or two things occur in my cities. If i can found a city near a river tile and it is going to be one of my core/wonder producing cities, i like the granary for the population boost so i can hurry the production of what i am building, the gain from the faster population helps in getting extra shields etc. I do like to take the time to also build a granary in my food intensive cities that are producing my settlers. The extra food definately helps to get the settlers out faster, expecially if you wait for the population to exceed 3 before your settlers come out, that way again, more ppl working and producing faster.
Originally posted by holyman
u can sell the granary and the barracks when u got pyramids and sun tzu.


I wasn't able to do that and i don't think you can sell after buidling the wonders

IMO, these grans and barracks should automatically be sold off when the wonders are complete, albiet civ 2's obselete barracks
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