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Quest for Glory - Deity Challenge #2


GOTM Staff
Oct 22, 2018
Welcome to the second challenge in this new series of Deity challenges!

I hope I am not launching this game too soon, but after all the conquering in both GotM220 and QfG1, I felt we needed something totally different.

In this second contribution we will play as Sweden on a standard sized Fractal map with standard speed. All VCs are enabled but here the task is to go for diplomacy! (Yes, you read correctly). I am pretty sure that, here, most of us will have to work for our meal... The map has been slightly modified with the IGE. However, it should load normally. Please remember to report back how you fared.

The game file and a jpg-file of the starting location are attached.

Good luck to you all!


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I played the first 70 turns this morning and it's a great map. Really solid city locations. I'm off to a great start and will pick it back up next week.
I won’t be able to resist settling on that elephant river coast tile. Unless the warrior spots a NW in range of the current spot the elephant it is. I never play well with Sweden though so we’ll see how it goes.
Diplomatic victory turn 208 (1480AD). 4 city Tradition game. I kept notes on the key events up to about turn 150:

T1-5 - Settle on Ivory, start scout and Mining, explore south, find Barringer, wine and silver, Monaco and Vatical friendly CS's.
T7 - buy Marble before growing to pop2
T8 - barb camp ruin
T9 - scarcher
10 - buy deer, start worker, start Masonry
11 - 80 gold ruin, gold and dyes location northeast
13 - find Uluru to the west, meet Maya
14 - pop ruin
15 - meet Geneva first, now 16 faith. Get 2nd pantheon
16 - One with Nature
17 - meet England, but scout, pull off 2X worker steal of Maya with scarcher, scout to help escort back.
19 - game crash, workers start chops for settler speed up
21 - start Pottery
22 - Quebec first (30g)
25 - open Tradition, war Siam steal worker
27 - start Animal Husbandry, meet Austria
28 - scarcher
33 - clear camp for Monaco, start trapping, steal worker and then peace Geneva
34 - Aristocracy
37 - settler done, start settler
38 - buy stone
40 - peace Pacal, clear camp for Valetta
41 - trapping -> writing, Ivory -> England for 7 gpt
43 - Ivory -> Austria for 7 gpt, 3 horse -> Maya for 5 gpt
44 - Oligarchy
45 - settler -> granary
46 - Helsinki grow, buy and work Barringer for faith and science
48 - writing -> calendar, peace Siam, 212g and embassy for a lux. Buy worker in Helsinki.
49 - settle Birka on gold -> Stockholm WLKD

Sweden 51.png

51 -start library
54 - religion - tithe and pagodas (mosques would have been better - I never suffered from happiness all game)
57 - library -> Mausoleum for CS quest (Monaco)
62 - philosophy -> sailing
66 - Legalism, MH -> NC
69 - buy missionary
72 - gift Ivory to England
73 - Ivory -> Austria (201g + 1gpt)
74 - 3 horse to Austria for gold
76 - NC -> Hanging Gardens
78 - buy cargo ship in Helsinki -> Stockhold
83 - friend England
85 - HG -> stone works
88 - SW ->National Epic
90 - civil service -> theology
91 - enhance (swords to ploughshares, religious texts)
94 - theology -> education
96 - finish tradition, national epic -> writers guild
99 - 500g to ally Monaco, writers guild -> market

Sweden 100.png

103 - Education -> construction, engineering, 3 iron for 135g to Austria
104 - spy to Vienna
107 - Compass -> Astronomy
108 - 5 horse -> silk (Denmark), WLKD Stockholm & Sigtuna
110 - Patronage opener, University -> water mill
112 - water mill - > cargo ship
127 - rationalism opener
128 - finish workshop
130 - RA with England
133 - Ivory gifted to Siam for DoF
134 - found WC, propose Protestantism world religion
146 - finish public schools, buy PS's in Stockholm and Sigtuna
149 - bulb 3 great writers to free thought

Sweden 150.png

154 - 1st to modern through radio (Oxford)

Sweden 175.png

-Rationalism finisher took Telecommunications
-Bulbed one GS for Globalization and one GE for Cristo Redentor to speed up Rationalism finisher.
-warred Greece for flipping CS's. Peace deal liberated M'Banza Kongo.
-warred Denmark and liberated Manila turn of the vote (207)
-had lots of cash and could have bought some more buildings, but just went cruise control for the last 10-15 turns.
-world religion and world ideology in place for the final vote. Austria beat me to FP. 42/40.

Sweden 208.png
Mine took until 277 with a peaceful approach. Same settlement spots, but I think I ended up forward of the gold. In hindsight, it was left too exposed, but managed to pay off others to go to war and they left me alone while I accumlated GP. Annoyingly, Austria started marrying all of the CS which I lost track of.

Gave up on this one. I tried the small piety strategy because I’ve always wanted to attempt it and the start looked well suited to it. Then I found the two natural wonders and it seemed like a perfect match. Then I met Austria and knew it was going to be tough. I was able to ally Monaco early and they captured Palenque crushing my only religious rival. I was able to spread my religion like crazy. In medieval I push growth hard and by renaissance I’m booming in science catching up quickly on tech but Austria was pumping out over 200gpt and I couldn’t do anything to stop her from marrying a new city state every three turns.

Lessons learned: Fractal map is difficult for this strategy because delaying Astronomy is more costly on this map type. And going small makes it very difficult to have enough gold to stop Austria from just buying up all the city states.
Hi, is this a known bug? I'm trying to prevent the Maya from winning by culture, but apparently they can be at war at the same time as they have Open borders, trade, etc.

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