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Quest for Glory - Deity Challenge #3

@Gori the Grey if you take a look at the Steam DLC page, you will see that the DLC are not limited to Civs -- there are also map packs:


Those have caused problems in the past (for example in the original Deity Challenge Lineup) when someone who had the map packs posted a saved game, and those who did not have the map packs could not play it. There was a method of removing the reference to the map packs from the saved game, which involved using a plain text or code editor to replace the header of the saved file. I used it myself a few times, but I have forgotten how it was done. Trawling the forum might reveal posts about the method.
Thanks for that hint. I think I also have all map packs. But if I push farther on in troubleshooting than loading the in-game editor, I'll make that my second try.
I finished up my game turn 245 with the fall of Persepolis.

Vienna was taken with Battleships and a paratrooper on turn 240. Tenochtitlan was taken with artillery supported infantry veterans of the Dutch campaign.

An earlier peace deal with Darius was pumping 350 gpt into my coffers which gave me lots of options. I bought three paratroopers in my Austrian captured coastal outpost, and using bombers they quickly took the capital. A carrier ferried bombers across the ocean to assist with the final assault.

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