Question about an option in WildMana 8.34


Aug 9, 2010
Hi folks,
my question is about an option available in the WM 8.34 Mod
Entering "single player", then "start own game".
Now you have a variety of options available.
In the right column where you can choose whether you want to play with or without Infernal/Mercuians/new civs, with or without Orthus, Yersinia, and the other guys or the "increasing difficulty"-option and so on.

Now the question:
I really am quite sure i started a game once with an option enabled, which allowed the AI to build all units without meeting the requirements.
I'm not talking about not having researched the mandatory technologies, but about the level requirement, for example to build an immortal (level 6), an archmage (level 6) or the better angels for the mercurians or the vampire lord (level 9).
i remember cause i had to fight about loads of Valkyries, fireangels and the angeltype that gets weaker after each successful fight.
Now i don't find this option anymore! Only an option that says anything can be built without the normally necessary technology, it only last longer to be built (tile improvements for example).
I normally play pangea-maps, so maybe this option is only available for certain maptypes?
Or was it only included in an earlier version and was canceled in the latest version?

So anyone who understands what the hell i am talking about, please feel free to answer.
post the file, it is in demand - master of mana can be obtained but very few people seem to have/know where wildmana can still be found. i USE to have it, but had to format. The option to build units without prereq's (one to bypass having building, another to bypass unit being level X) can be done on any map.

However, the option that lets you complete improvements without tech but at a longer pace - might actually be in Orbis or Fall Further. If it is in wildmana/master of mana then it would not depend on maptype.
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