Question about CivIII Complete


Sep 6, 2007
1. Is there anyway to edit the CivIII Complete Rules? When I try to change the main rules, it tells me I cannot make changes to Civ3Mod. It seems like I can only play a Conquest Scenerio with edited rules (a tactic I learned by reading these threads).

2. Is there any way I can make the workers build farms and other small buildings? The CivIII screen looks bland compared to the CivIV screen with its small towns, bridges, farms, rice mills, etc.

3. Has anyone figured out how to capture the Princess and move her in Civ3 Complete? There is no capture button in advance buttons.
1. don't bother with civ3mod.bic, because its the vanilla rules file. a conquests.biq can also be found at \civ3\conquests\..., that will be responsible for conquest-game rules.

and i would stay at modified scenario or back up my original files, anyways things can go wrong and then you do not want to reinstall the whole thing.

2. if you attach the small buildings to irrigation or mine, then you will have it. see the nice examples in C&C. if you want to add a worker job, that is not possible unfortunately :(

3. i think it is another broken thing (spast!), at least heard that and wouldn't surprise me if its true.
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