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Random Thoughts on New Additions...


Apr 27, 2002
Irvine, California
I know this is waaay too early to be thinking about new stuff, but I just thought it might provoke some discussion. Here's a real short list of things I'd like to see in future Civs. Please tell me what you guys think and/or add others you'd lke to see! I hope they aren't "too" cheesy or lame or whatever. (I have no idea how difficult or realistic these are to program, but for what it's worth...) :)

1. Rivers treated differently from ocean squares. Or maybe just different types of ships, including ones that can sail on rivers.

2. A Special Ops. unit. Different from paratroopers (which can be "dropped" nearby troops or resources or cities or wherever) and different from spies/espionage, too. I mean, ones that can be built and paratrooped too, but then, say, not die for X number of turns but pin down other units for the same X number of turns, then after that, automatically die. In other words, a unit that can pin down troops for X number of turns, then die, and that's it. (Maybe regular Special Ops. can pin down for like 3 turns, then veteran for like 4, then elite for like 5 or whatever.)

3. The addition of certain "historical" or "geographical" regions of the world that can affect gameplay. Like adding squares that slow you down like the real life Sargasso Sea slowed you down in the Atlantic region as you crossover to North America. Or even the Bermuda Triangle area where the possibility of being lost at sea is greater or the possibility of being lost or at least not come through with perfect health as you cross the Himalayas? (Although different units might be able to move through different regions better.)
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