Ratification Poll for CoS Scetion A - Forum Organization

Shall We Ratify This Section of the CoS?

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Looking for the door...
Mar 18, 2002
Behind you
Shall we ratify the following as a section of the Code of Standards?

 A.   Forum Organization 
  1.   Main Forum - Game play related information    
    a.  Intro Thread / Meta Index (sticky)
    b.  Citizen Registry (sticky)
    c.  Needed Things (sticky)
    d.  Nomination index (seasonal) (sticky)
    e.  Constitution/Code of Laws/Code of Standards (sticky)
    f.  Game Saves and Chat Log index (sticky)
    g.  Judicial Log (sticky)
    h.  Official Absence (sticky)
    i.  Turn chat schedule / Chat instruction thread index / 
        Statistics thread 
    j.  Turn chat threads 
    k.  Election threads (nominations, polls) 
    l.  Threads should be opened here only by Mods and 
        citizens needing to do so for an office.
  2.  Government Sub-forum - Government related information     
    a.  Government Thread Index (all branches) (sticky)
    b.  Offices Index (appointed/created positions) (sticky)
    c.  City Index and Registry (sticky)
    d.  Creative History Department (sticky)
    e.  Creative History Department - Storyline (sticky)
    f.  Senate 
    g.  Government Threads 
    h.  Province Threads 
    i.  City Threads 
    j.  Office Threads 
    k.  Maps (Cartographic Society)     
    l.  Citizens are allowed to post, but not to open their 
        own threads. Threads should be created by mods, 
        leaders and those needing to do so for an office.  
        All discussion should be spawned to the citizen 
        forum with only a link in the governmental forum to 
        avoid clutter. The result of the discussion should 
        be brought back to the government forum thereafter. 
  3.   Citizen Sub-forum - Citizen related information 
    a.  Citizen group Index & Registry (sticky)
    b.  Discussion Registry (sticky)
    c.  Citizen groups 
    d.  Discussions 
  4.   Poll Sub-forum - Polls 
    a.  Poll Registry (sticky)
    b.  Citizen Polls 
    c.  Leader Polls

Relevant Discussion can be found here.

Please vote YES, NO, or ABSTAIN.

This poll will remain open for 4 days.
This poll is closed.

CoS Scetion A - Forum Organization has been ratified, although the Section number has been changed to Section B.
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