RawYields mod


Mar 2, 2022
I discovered BUGmod (http://civ4bug.sourceforge.net) recently. My favorite thing in it is the RawYields section in the city screen. Has anyone made a standalone version of that feature which could be added into another mod? I'd love to have it in the mod I've been making. If no one has made a standalone for it, would it be possible to copy/merge the right files from BUGmod to my mod? If so which files do I need to worry about? I found the "rawyields.py" which I'm assuming is the core of that feature, but I'm sure it has some other files it interacts with to actually make it function that I would also need to find. Thank you.


LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR
Dec 20, 2005
hi Vilyathar,

welcome to fanatics,
please read forum rules -> this thres is for Completed mod components.
there are outside threads to ask about anything.

bug comes as a whole, many of the mods implemented it as it.
i doubt that it can be extracted easily or that someone did so.
there were some UI mods for city and such over the years, you can browse through the pages.

i would suggest to pick a base mod to work on, rather then creating the wheel all over again :)

good luck and happy hunting.
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