Re-worked tech tree


Feb 18, 2002
Hi everyone, I'm new to here, so if this is in the wrong forum, forgive me. I've decided to completely re-work my tech tree (thanks to plutarck for the tutorial). Now, he reckons you can add 82 techs, which makes a total of 164 right? Well, I want to completely start from scratch, and although there are techs that will stay, they will probably be renamed in many cases. At the moment, I haven't startd touching the editor, and so far it's "nothing stays for sure, nothing goes for sure." I'm quite stuck as to where to start etc, and need the game to be balanced, so I'm looking for a bit of help from everyone? All ideas are welcome, as long as you think they will work well or are worth trying out etc. Basically, what techs, what they give, it's pretty much a total rework, but the buildings I want to keep pretty much the same, just with an extended tech tree.

Thanks in advance
Ugh. Forgive me for saying so, but this sounds like a bad way to go about modifying the game. You have no plan except "let's add a whole bunch of techs"? That's not going to accomplish anything.

My recommendation: sit down and think about what game problem you want to solve. Do you want to force the game to spend more time in one particular era? Add a bunch of units with unique tech requirements? Create separate tech threads that only certain civs can use?

If you do this, you will wind up with a more enjoyable game, that others may want to play as well. Otherwise, well, you could throw in a tech called "Advanced Widgets" but if it doesn't actually do anything, what's the point?
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