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Recettear - An item store tale


Codex WMDicanious
Jan 4, 2002
Recettear - An item store tale

You guys have probably been seeing me playing this on steam.
Its an Indy Japanese game which is a mix of Diablo meets Dinner dash with Disgaea flavour. Ever wonder how NPC shops are stocked with all those items which for some reason cost thousands of gold or why a shop keeper would buy a bazillion swords from you? This game is the answer with its quirky humour "CAPITOLISM HO"

If your after a fun, hilarious, light hearted RPG random dungeon game check out the DEMO.
Yeah its addictive fun and comes with a nice portion slice of the full game well worth the 130meg download.
Indy game of the year.

Bit pricey at $20 now but Iam sure steam will have a sale in the future.


WOT I cleared the trial on Day2

My shop packed with goodies Day3. Capitolism Ho

Does it address the generally static and unchanging item selection in many games' shops?

When I first saw the name of the game you were playing my reaction was "what the hell is that?" but that is a neat premise for a game.
The demo goes to day 8. So far I've already cleared three levels of dungeons. Each level is 5 floors with a boss fight before you can exit it back to town. Needless to say a death means starting from the last level you cleared.

So far every time I've gone into the dungeon to hunt for items I've gotten about 10 new items.(depends on how lucky you are). A portion of these are ingreidents for crafting which I havent been able to unlock yet. It dosnt use the diablo system for rare item instead its just +1, +2 to an item. So the chainmail you can buy from an NPC is not as good as a +4 chainmail you can find.

Its also funny how NPC "adventurers" come into your shop and buy up weapons, armors and food then later return to sell you random dungeon items like "thankful statue" or "white medalion"

TIP: You want to head out to a dungeon in the morings (takes up two time blocks)
and then sell stuff in your shop when you return (one time block)
And place your most expensive item at the shop front since those four slots have highest chance for selling.
Demo is limited to Maya dungeon which I cleared.
You get a sweet item worth 21,000 saddy my merchant level is too low and NPC wont buy this item from my Shop! Theres a lot of new items but saddly with only 20 inventory space you have to be careful which ones to take.

HOLY crap look at it sell.
Why cant it be 75% off !!!!!!

O_O Civ5 is $79.99!?

79.99 AUD = 76.8712 CAD
79.99 AUD = 74.1427 USD
WOW. You are really, really getting ripped the hell off. Its $49.99 here, in both USD and Canadian.

Bad Company 2 is only $29.99 here too, in both currencies.
That's not in AUD, that's $US79.99, works out to around $NZ112, which is slightly on the high side of normal for new pc games. Starcraft 2 was $NZ130 for the normal edition.
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