Recommendations for Civilization VI Improvement


Nov 15, 2023
Civilization VI Update Recommendations

Need the ability to tell opponents to layoff city states. This enables you to attempt to protect and preserve those that you have an interest in.

Allow players to break up previously combined units. If I combine three tank units to make a corp allow me to break them back down to the 3 base tank units.

Use standard unit size symbols (Example using a tank and infantry type unit):

. 1 dot on top is an infantry squad (10 soldiers if light infantry and 10 soldiers with an armored personnel carrier (APC) such as a Bradley Fighting Vehicle if a mechanized infantry unit or single tank

.. 2 dots is a section (2 tanks or 2 APCs with infantry inside, Does not aply to light infantry.

… 3 dots is a platoon (4 tanks, 4 APCs - 3 with an infantry squad inside and one the Platoon Leaders vehicle with no squad).

| 1vertical bar is a company (14 tanks - 3 platoons of 4 and one for the company commander (CO) and another for the executive officer (XO)). or 3 platoons of infantry (light or mechanized, and a company HQ with 2 additional APCs for the CO and XO.

|| 2 bars for a battalion (4 line companies, one combat support Company (CSC) and one HQ company.

||| 3 bars for a regiment - 2 or more battalions plus a HQ company

X 1 X for a Brigade- 4 battalions plus a HQ Company.

XX 2 Xs for a Division - 15,000 soldier organization with 2 to 4 brigades plus brigade sized unit of artillery, logistical support brigade, Air Defense battalion, Cavalry squadron (reconnaissance) and other units.

XXX Corps is 2 or more divisions with several additional specialized units.

XXXX - Army is 2 or more corps plus additional specialized units,

XXXXX Army group is 2 or more Armies.

(NOTE: These can all be easily ‘Googled’ to get details.)

6. Oooops function. Occasionally you make an error such as where to send a unit. There needs to be an ability to cancel and redo it.

Notification if an opposing religious unit ‘attacks’ one of your units or cities.

Ability to select multiple units and move them as a group vice going back and forth to move each unit in turn. A function allowing you to combine units into a group should be simple enough - as long as you have the ability to break it up later.

Route selection. Select a start and end point for a Military Engineer to build a road or railroad and then set one to the task allowing it to do the work without further instructions until either the route is finished OR the player interrupts the work and assigns a new task.

Player Colors. Some of the player colors on the map are very similar. Example I Julius Ceaser and Pachacuti. The program needs to recognize this potential issue and change the color of the opponent to make it easier to differentiate the sides.
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