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Reconsidering exploration: ideas to make it funnier

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - We The People' started by Marla_Singer, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. ConjurerDragon

    ConjurerDragon Warlord Supporter

    Dec 13, 2012
    Where would they spawn? When I explore the map (I mostly play gigantic Americas map) the map is filled with native tribes and their villages. "Barbarians"/Wild Animals are hostile to the natives, too - so would those native raiders start raiding the next natives?

    How would they know which city is lightly defended? If they approach to scout and attack only lightly defended ones, sure - but please no beelining to the one city without a garrison.

    Can player ships do that too? If not, no.

    Not "too far" - simply when outside your own cultural borders.

    Only if the AI understands that and does not send out ineffective units for not understanding that it would need to supply them.

    Historically usually every ship had a carpenter and a small store of wood on board for repairs. Masts broke, cannonball splintered through the planks etc.
    Small repairs - or a limited amount of repairs should still be possible outside ports.
  2. Morlark

    Morlark Warlord

    Aug 6, 2009
    I also have always thought that exploration is too easy. It's difficult to make the deep and far-reaching changes necessary to truly solve the problem, but as a partial way to begin addressing this problem, I've always modded my games to increase terrain movement costs in difficult terrain (e.g. deserts), and reduce easy availability to movement-increasing promotions. I also change promotions that grant -1 terrain movement cost to +1 movement speed instead, as I feel that reduced terrain movement cost is an extremely powerful ability for how readily available it is.

    I also increase the terrain movement cost on oceans to 2, while leaving coasts and favourable winds at 1. This more realistically models the relative ease of coastal transport, while also meaning that favourable winds actually have a purpose, beyond a single niche promotion.
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  3. Raubwuerger

    Raubwuerger Chieftain

    Nov 24, 2014
    Maybe we can implement a system similar to ships in stormy weather.
    Out side cultural boarders units could loose some strength. But only in hazardous terrain, like desert, swamp, jungels, ...
    And only if these fields are also surrounded by hazardous terrain ...
  4. raystuttgart

    raystuttgart Civ4Col Modder

    Jan 24, 2011
    Stuttgart, Germany
    Such checks are extremely bad for performance.

    For every Unit (and there are really many of them in late game) we would need to check
    1. Is it inside Cultural Borders?
    2. Is it on a specific Plot / Terrain Feature Combination?
    3. Is it also surrounded by specific Plot / Terrain Combinations?
    4. Is the Unit excluded from this rule? (e.g. Animals or Natives)
    5. Does it maybe even have special Promotions?
    6. ...
    It is also probably not the best solution for game play.
    And also in some way we would need to teach this to AI.

    Guys, let us please stay away from anything overly complicated like:
    • Distance based damage / restriction systems
    • Plot / Terrain damage based systems
    • Food Supply systems
    Anything we should ever do here would need to be simple and clean.
    Unless we of course want to mess up performance, game play and AI. :dunno:

    By the way:
    Winds and Storms itself is not necessarily the most performant system itself - although its logic is still quite simple.
    However it is not that bad either because of these simple facts that limit the performance impact to still be ok / acceptable:
    • Not that many Ships on Map (Number of Units very limited)
    • Not that many "Storms" on Map (Number of affected Plots / Plot Features very limited)
    • No special Unit exception rules (No dedicated Unit exception checks needed)
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2020

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