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[recontinued] Rhye's and Fall of Spain

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Louis the XIV

Sun King
Jun 23, 2020
Court of Versailles
Hola Amigos:wavey: and welcome to...

Where you will relive the history of Spain with your very own eyes

Github: https://github.com/LouisTheXIV/RFC-Spain

  1. Introduction
  2. Religions and Corporations
  3. Civilizations
  4. Map
  5. Rhye's and Fall Concepts
  6. RFC Spain Unique Concepts
  7. Wonders
  8. How you can help
  9. Language


It is my pleasure to announce that I have started working on Rhye's and Fall of Spain which features the history of Spain , Northern Africa, and Southern France in between the years 500AD - 1700 C.E. (C.E. is Common Era for those who don't know.)
This mod will let you relive the history of Spain and will have a lot of the mechanics included in RFC like historical spawns, Wars, Barbarian uprises and a lot of other things. This mod will rework the whole tech tree to make it more Medieval and Industrial. All the Wonders will also be only about Spain as well as Religions, Corporations, units and, buildings. I will also import a lot of features from Sword of Islam like titles, better corporations, and provinces.
The mod will be released in 1-2 months (hopefully not 3:coffee:)
I created this thread because it will take a lot of time to create all the units, buildings, wonders, python, maps, sdk, etc.. so I need all the help I can get.
If you decide to help me with this mod, no matter how little or how much I will also give you credit. To learn more about how you can help scroll down until the title titled 'How you can help.
BUG mod will also be implemented.
To see pictures, see how close I am to finishing, or simply support me go to RFC Spain's official website: https://sites.google.com/view/rfcspain

Religions and Corporations

Of course Religions play a very important part in History, especially in Spain.
There will be 2 main religions and 2 minor ones.

    • Catholicism - Holy City: Santiago - Shrine: Grave of St.Taigo
    • Islam - Holy City: Kairouan - Shrine: Mosque of Uqba
    • Judaism - Holy City: None - Shrine: None
    • Protestantism - Holy City: None - Shrine: None
Judaism will be more like a corporation and will give extra income in cities with Judaism, Jewish missionaries are replaced by Jewish Merchants which can conduct trade missions or spread Judaism. Instead of Jewish religious buildings there will only be Synagogue and Jewish market.

Corporations will be more like in DoC. I have not planned all of them yet or if they will have headquarter cities but until now it's something like this:

    • South American Gold trade route: Requires Trading Company. Gives +1:gold: in cities that have it
    • Trans Saharan Trade Route: Requires Camel. Camels provide +3:commerce:
    • Spice route to Asia: Requires Trading Company. Provides free spice resource and free sugar resource
    • The Jesuits: Requires Catholicism. State religion in city provides 1 gold per turn
    • Byzantine Trade Route: Horses produce +1:commerce: and 1:hammers:


This is a list of all the civs, suggestions are still open. Not all civs have UP's ready yet:

    • -Civ Name; Start Year; Start City; Start Religion; Unique Power
    • -The Vandals; 500 AD; Carthage; North Africa; Catholicism; Sea plots provide extra :commerce:
    • -The Visigoths; 500 AD; Toledo; Eastern Coast and Central Spain; Catholicism; Mounted units start with 3:move:
    • -The Kingdom of Aquitaine; 600 AD; Bordeaux; Catholicism; Civs are more friendly towards you
    • -The Moors; 711 AD; Cordoba; Islam;
    • -The Kingdom of Castile; 800 AD; Burgos; Catholicism; Inquisitors can attack and spread Catholicism
    • -The Kingdom of Navarre; 811 AD; Pamplona; Catholicism; Extra :culture: in cities
    • -The Kingdom of Leon; 910 AD; Leon; Catholicism; Catholicism spreads to conquered cities with a Temple
    • -The Aragon Crown; 1035 AD; Zaragoza; Catholicism;
    • -The Portuguese; 1130 AD; Lisbon; Catholicism; Corporations provide 2:gold: per turn per city with them
    • -The Almohad Caliphate; 1140 AD; Marrakesh; Islam; Islam spreads to cities with a Mosque
    • -The Mali; 1235; Niani; Islam; Islamic :religion: buildings give extra :gold:
    • -The Mandinka; 1300 AD; Kangaba; Plots provide +3:commerce:
    • -Eyalet of Tunis; 1574; Tunis; Islam; Palace provides +1 :hammers:, :health:, :culture:, :commerce:, :traderoute:, and 2 xp
    • -British expeditionary force of Gibraltar; 1704; Gibraltar; Protestantism; Naval units have 2 extra :strength: and :move:
    • -Napoleonic Spain; 1808 AD; Northern Spain; Protestant; Gunpowder units start with Pinch and Shock
If you have any other Ideas for UP's or Civs feel free to suggest them.
UHV's (Unique Historical Victory) might not be included. Not sure yet.


The map is also an important part of the game I think I should include in this thread.
The Map size has been decided, the people have spoken! 4 Votes for Large and 6 Votes for Huge! The Map size = Huge.
The map will be something like this:
All of Spain as well as southern France all the way to Bordeaux.
The map will also have the Island of Corsica.
No part of Italy will be included but I will be considering adding part of Italy and add Genoa as well in another update.
The part of Africa will have all of Northern Africa from Morocco to Tunisia.
Also the map will go all the way down to the lands of the Mali but not until Timbutku. So that's why the capital of the Mali won't be Timbutku.

Hopefully this will give you an insight as to how the map will look.
After I finish the map (somewhere in December) I will post a picture here.

Rhye's and Fall Concepts

I'm not the greatest python and c++ modder but I can work my way with python a bit. So this mod will not include all the RFC Concepts.
This mod will not have the stability mechanic though it might be introduced in another update.
UHV's, not sure if I'm capable of creating them.
Manual AutoPlay: I have no idea how to force AI Auto Play so when the game starts a popup will pop up on which it states how many turns you have to manually insert. To open the AI Auto Play window you need to press Ctrl+ Shift +X.
Do not press Ctrl Shift X while the AI is auto playing or this will result in the You have been defeated message showing up and you being eliminated.
The RiseAndFall.py will be totally reworked as to make it more simple. Using various python scripts from various mod comps I have created a method that turns the RiseAndFall.py file into RiseAndFall.xml and everything is defined much simpler. Same to the AI Wars.py was turned into AIWars.xml.

RFC Spain Unique Concepts
This mod will also add a bunch of new stuff that didn't exist in RFC originally.
For starters there will be Inquisition which will let you remove any religion (even your current state religion, though it will have consequences) from a city.
Mercenaries as you know already exist in RFC but the Mercenaries in RFC Spain will be a bit more different, I suggest you look at the picture in the last comment.
Forts with culture:
Forts and Citadels will have your culture once built! If you built a fort no matter where it will get your current culture on it. If you want to have a closer look, look at the picture in the last comment.
Many various things will be included as well. Provinces like in SoL also know as the Sword of Islam. Corporations will be more like in RFC DoC also know as RFC Dawn of Civilization. That means that the corporations will auto spread themselves but only to cities controlled by a specific civ, for example you will probably see the South American Gold route spread to Portuguese cities but never will you see it in a Moorish city.
No more UHV's though I will probably add them once I am more experienced, instead of UHV's or Unique Historical Victory you will need to complete the following tasks which can be completed by any civ:
-Impress the Pope, if state religion is Catholic or Impress the Caliph of Baghdad if your religion is Islam. I will go to this on more detail once the mod is finished.
-Control both of the holy cities, Santiago and Kairouan and have 7500 gold.
-Spread your religion to 75% of the map and do not let any Protestant or Jewish civs exist.
The most annoying thing in all RFC modmods is that one second you are the leading power of the world, and the next you don't have anything!
In real history this happened very rarely, I mean come on! All of your cities revolting in the same day?!
So instead of the usual RFC stability mechanic your cities will still become independent if your stability is bad but not all of them at the same time, one or two at a time.
If one of your cities revolts and becomes independent the chances are that more of your cities will follow but at least you have a warning.
BUG or RevDCM:
This mod will either contain the RevolutionDCM system but without Barbarian Civ and Civ emergence out of Revolutions or BUG mod.
I would add BUG but without the Sevopedia so if I manage to remove the Sevopedia from BUG then RFC Spain will have BUG User Interface.

List of wonders from RFC Spain, I haven't decided on all of their abilities yet. I also am in desperate need for wonders so it would help me a lot if you make a bit of research and tell me an idea for a wonder of Spain. This is not all of them but more then half.

Wonder name; Effect; When will it be automatically built if the city is controlled by AI
Islamic Wonders:
  • Alhambra: Civs with the same :religion: join in Holy Wars; Will be built in Granada in 1230 if controlled by Moors
  • La Mezquita: Provides 2 free specialists; Built in Cordoba in 750 if controlled by Moors
  • Mosque of Uqba: Islamic Holy Shrine, Caliph of Baghdad favors the civ that has this building; built in 670 with the founding of Kairouan if controlled by Independents
  • University of Sankore: +150:science: toward great people discoveries; built in 1310 in Timbutku if controlled by Mali
  • Gardens of Al-Andalus: Haven't decided yet; Built in Cordoba in 900 if controlled by Moors

Catholic Wonders:
  • Adequate of Segovia: +5:health: and cities cities connected by road get 1:health: as well; Starts in Segovia
  • Walls of Avilla: +150 defense except against gunpowder units; Built in Madrid in 1000 if controlled by Castile (I know they were built in Avila but Avila is very close to Madrid and Madrid has no wonders)
  • Cathedral of Seville: No effect yet; Built in Seville if controlled by a Catholic civ
  • Cathedral of Leon: No effect yet; built in 1740 in Leon if controlled by Leon
  • Familia Sagrada: No effect yet; Built in 1880 in Barcelona if controlled by Aragon
  • Grave of St. Taigo: Catholic Shrine, Pope favors civ that his this wonder; Starts in Santiago
  • Castle of Guimarães: No effect yet; Built in Oporto in 900 AD if controlled by AI
  • Batalha Monastery: No effect yet; Built in Lisbon in 1370 if controlled by Porugal
  • El Escorial: Corporations give extra 1:gold:; Built in Madrid in 1563 if controlled by Castile or Aragon
  • Synagogue of Santa Maria la Blanca: No effect yet; Requires Judaism, built in 1180 in Toledo if controlled by Moors

How you can help

As a lot of other mods I want the Civ players to be able to contribute as well.
I will be creating all the Civs and Leaderheads but the units and buildings/wonders can be created by anyone. If you want to add a unit/building/wonder or maybe all 3, I recommend (and I would appreciate it) if you make it modular, because making modules is much easier then you might think. Here is a guide on how to make something modular: Modular Tutorial.
If you help out in any possible way I will post your name in the credits file.txt and in the mod thread.
I also need ideas for wonders, if you know any wonder from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Southern France, or Mali please tell me.
A great way you can help in is by creating Aragon, Leon, Castile, Moroccan, Tunisian Great People Names! Simply create a txt file and do the following:
<English>El Cid</English>
<English>Andres Manuel</English>
I think you get what I'm saying. Anyway I would also greatly appreciate it if you could make separate TXT files for every civ.
Thank You! If you do create the TXT file just upload it below in the comments.

P.S. I recommend just searching on any Internet Browser "Spanish/Moroccan Scientists/Generals etc..


This mod will be released in English only.
After finishing the mod and uploading it I might start working on an update that adds the language Spanish since this a mod about Spain.
But if you don't know English you will not be able to read the civilopedia but that's not such a big deal.
Another thing, the units and buildings will not have a entry in the civiliopedia, or at least not all of them, only the Wonders, Civilizations, and Leaders will 100% have a background entry in the civiliopedia.
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You should be able to find a lot of the stuff you need in RFC Europe:

It covers a similar period. A lot of potential civs, leaders, units, buildings, and possibly the entire tech tree could be useful for this mod.

Could include the Kingdom of Navarre in this mod?
This looks really promising and I’d love to help. Would creating the unit tree with stats and corresponding art be useful?
This looks really promising and I’d love to help. Would creating the unit tree with stats and corresponding art be useful?
I don't understand what you mean by unit tree, but if you mean creating the units then it would be very useful!
Here are the unique units for every civ but I haven't put them in the game yet:
Visigoths: Pferdesucher; Replaces Horsearcher
Vandals: Monoreme; Replaces Galley
Aquitaine: No unit yet
Moors: Khas; Privateer and Bedouin Horseman; Horse archer
Castile: Tercio; Arquebusier and Conquistador; Cuirassier
Navarre: No unit yet
Leon: Lancero; Lancer
Aragon: Ballestero; Crossbowman and Piquero; Pikeman
Portugal: Carrack; Caravel and Bandeirate; Explorer
Almohad: Madfiei; Camel Gunner
Mali: Skirmisher; Longbowman
Mandinka: Kelebolo; Archer
Eyalet of Tunis: Janissary; Musketman
Britain: Ship of the Line; Privateer and Light Machine Gun; Machine Gun
Napoleonic Spain: Gendarme; Dragoon and French Guard; Rifleman
Nationalist Spain: Alfa M44 Infantry; Infantry

You can create as many as you want, I recommend using art from other mods as well like RFC Dawn of Civilization. You can also create other units you think might work out with this mod.
P.S. For the units like Gendarme or Madfiei you will also have to create the original unit like Dragoon and Camel Gunner.
I just added all the civs except for the ones starting above 1500 AD. After I finish adding all the civs I will totally rework the tech tree, then the buildings and then the units.
And last I will create the Rise and Fall and the AI Wars.
Just to stay up to date here is what has happened until now:
I took a break for about 3 days and then tried to add all the RFC Europe techs, units, and buildings with a catastrophic fail.
Then I tried a couple more times but still resulting in a crash.
Now I had to restart the project, luckily I still have the CIV4CivilizationInfos, Leaderheads, Art Defines Leaders and Civs, the art for the civs and leaders, and that's about it.
Tomorrow I will restart the project with only the Civs and leaders and I will try to add the RFCE tech tree one last time but if it will fail I will have to go with the original tech tree expanded only until the Industrial era.
I come bearing very good news! I though I reached a blockade when I wanted to edit the tech tree but luckily I found a mod that only has the medieval part of the tech tree and it's also reworked! Now I'm going to add some renaissance and a few industrial techs and the hardest part of this mod is finished!
Here are some pictures of the 70% finished tech tree. For pictures of the Civilizations and leaders visit the RFC Spain website in my signature.
Only 50% of the units and buildings are finished.
Added a new part in the thread called RFC Spain Unique Concepts which I recommend you take a look at since it will mention several important and interesting things.
I worked a bit on the python today and so far I managed to add Inquisition, Mercenaries, and Forts with culture. Thanks to Jeckel, and Platyping.
I added some pictures below.
Spoiler Forts, Purge, Mercenary :

Mercenary Screen:


Forts with culture:

Whenever you built a fort a commander will appear, the art will be changed to make it more unique, the commander can attack enemy units from a distance.
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Important announcement!
RFC Spain is only going to go up to 1700 AD!
I would greatly appreciate it if some people could research a bit about Spanish, Mali, Moroccan, Algerian Great People Names! Simply create a txt file and do the following:
<English>El Cid</English>
<English>Andres Manuel</English>
I think you get what I'm saying. Anyway I would also greatly appreciate it if you could make separate TXT files for every civ.
Thank You!

P.S. I recommend just searching on any Internet Browser "Spanish/Moroccan Scientists/Generals etc..
Here is a picture of the map. I found this map for download the only problem is that it doesn't have the Mali. I have no idea how to add more tiles below so if anyone sees this please help!


  • SpainFreePlayAD700.CivBeyondSwordWBSave
    180.3 KB · Views: 69
I have decided to put this mod on hold because first of all I have been busy and don't think I'll be doing much Civ modding anymore. Also XML editing is just too dull, boring, and takes too much time. I of course will put up the mod so far and if anyone wants to finish the XML part I would be happy to add some RFC mechanics.
Till now I have the sound all finished (I took most of it from RFC Europe), the Civilizations (most of the civs don't have UU's and UB's), Leaders, Dark Ages and Medieval Units, Civics (could do with some more religious civics though), Dark Age and some Medieval buildings, Most of the technologies, and most of the terrain.
I have a LOT and I mean a lot of art that could be used in this mod (not created by me) so if someone does want to continue the XML or finish the mod then tell me so I can give you a lot of helpful art! There is also a txt README file in the mod with all the credits so far. I have also added a cooler looking Civilopedia screen similar to the one in Fall From Heaven.
I have a prototype of the map in there as well if someone wants to improve it.
Here is the download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zzsw5sii22265et/RFC+Spain.zip/file
(If it doesn't work wait a few seconds because it might take it 5-10 minutes to upload!)
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