[GS] Religious Victory Questions


Oct 21, 2004
Chelsea, MI, USA
I've defended agains religious incursions, used faith for buying buildings or units, but this is one of my first attempts to *win* a religious victory.

1. What, precisely, is the victory condition? The data show number of cities following my religion as well as the number of civs who have adopted my religion. I think that I know the answer, but I want to confirm.

2. How many cities in an AI civ must follow my religion for it is considered "adopted"?

3. In my current game, two AI civs on my continent founded their own religion. I have conquered and occupy their cities, so that one has only two cities left and the other has three. I've blanketed their cities with spreads from both apostles and missionaries, yet the religious victory screen still doesn't show them as "converted" to my religion. What more needs to be done?
3a) Can an AI that founded its own religion ever be fully converted? Or will they always be somehow attached to that religion?

4. How does eliminating AI civs affect the victory measure? In past games, where my primary goal was military, I would conquer all the AI cities. But a dead/eliminated AI can't be tracked as "converted", even if all of their former cities are following my religion while under my leadership.
Vorlon, I will answer best I can even though been awhile since I played.

1 and 2: All civs following your religion , a civ is considered to have adopted your religion once over half its cities are following it.

3: When you say you have spread to their cities are you counting the cities you have conquered because those now count towards your civilization. So the one with 2 cities left you will need to convert those and two out of the 3 of the other civ.

3a: no they can be fully converted.

4. Eliminated civs don't effect this victory condition you only need to have converted the civs still in the game.

Once again its been awhile so if someone notices I got something wrong please correct me
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