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Dec 19, 2013
4.2.7, went Maya wanting a peaceful game. I have four civs declaring at once. I'm playing on Deity, doing all the "right" diplo stuff (Max Supply, trading, denouncing (but no-one did in this game, except me etc.). This isn't asking for a strategy guide, it's asking for the best settings if I want a peaceful game. Sometimes I don't want to think about how to move dozens of units (even chess only has sixteen each!). I could defend myself; I've done so before, but I just can't be bothered. Obviously I should "Disable AI Endgame Aggression". I could disable barbs but I'm fine with that and it adds to the game. I already do quick combat/movement. Maybe I should manually pick the seven most peaceful Civs?
Why are you playing on deity if you want a peaceful game?
I want the challenge. I like to min/max/micro-manage cities. Why can't I have a hard, peaceful game? If I can't, I'll drop down.
The path to a peaceful game is to create an army at least twice as large as any other empire. But this is only possible starting from the era of airplanes and aircraft carriers. Airplanes do not consume the unit limit. Or a lot of missiles and missile carriers. Airplanes and missiles require oil. A lot of oil will be needed. Or choose Autocracy and take tenet to build a lot of Zeros.

You can additionally enter into a defensive alliance.
Spamming wonders really hurts your diplo modifiers, so I would be really selective with the wonders you take. Just generally keeping the affects of your actions on diplo modifiers is also important. So avoid spreading your religion to founding civs, send trade routes to neutral civs, send gifts, vote for other players' proposals when you have even just 1 vote to spare, don't settle aggressively, etc... But at the end of the day, it can just vary so much game to game. In my Immortal/Deity games I see a massive range in how the AIs act towards me: sometimes I'm getting warred at every opportunity or sometimes I have DoFs and Defensive Pacts that last 100s of turns, even if I'm playing essentially the same.

But as for settings, here are a few of my thoughts:
  • Chill or raging barbs can make the game more peaceful, though for opposite reasons. Chill barbs seem to stimulate less military production from AIs, while AIs have a tough time with raging barbs and it can really hamper their expansion and military
  • Underpopulated maps. Having just 1 fewer civ for the size map can make a huge difference in how the game plays out.
  • Civ choice can really change a lot too. There are some civs (Songhai, Zulu, Aztec, and Huns to name a few) that are much more aggressive than others.
  • Hillier terrain/more closed maps. Maps like Frontier are pretty imbalanced in my experience, but they certainly make the game more chill. Alternatively, you could just lower the world age in whatever map you're using, as that'll increase the roughness of the terrain.
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You can use really advanced setting and set every civ+player onto the same team. Works on any difficulty/map.
You can use really advanced setting and set every civ+player onto the same team. Works on any difficulty/map.
I did that, and it was 70 turns to research a tech.
War sometimes is the only way for AI to hinder human players from a "very efficient" play. So I suggest Archipelago maps and peaceful AI Civilization will be better if you just hate war.
War sometimes is the only way for AI to hinder human players from a "very efficient" play. So I suggest Archipelago maps and peaceful AI Civilization will be better if you just hate war.
I agree with this. Though archipelago is smaller than Communitas for whatever reason, so I would play it with 1 or even 2 fewer civs than normal.
I think all peaceful civs is probably simplest, it won't 100% prevent it but it mostly will. Good city spacing might leads to no wars ever.
I tried this and even ticking "Always Peace" made the City States declare on me when meeting. Is it compatible with VP? 4.2.7? Is the last update really October 2016?
Oh that sucks. Well you could use Ingame Editor mod and force the City States to become peaceful.
In all seriousness though that's actually quite a good point. Having a large standing army definitely wards off opportunistic AIs.
I've managed to keep the AI mostly dormant on Diety with a small standing army. In fact I haven't really figured out how to have a large army until well into Industrial/Atomic age. And quite frankly you shouldn't need it if you practice never losing a unit. However I'll say this, I built no Wonders. And of course you always want to speak cordially.

In fact I'm almost convinced the AI gets more credit for its units, at least on Diety. Maybe I'm not looking at things correctly but I use the Civilization's score to determine how their army compares to mine. It seems accurate for awhile then suddenly the AI gets a major boost in this score. But do they actually have that many more units than me? Do promotions count?? The AI does gets alot of these. I bring this up because I think it's a waste of money to try to keep this score on par with the AI. You simply can't do it unless you choose an ancient civilization that is geared towards spamming early units like the Aztecs. No you have to win with superior diplomacy and battlefield perfection.

I don't tend to do denouncing until much later in the game. Political landscapes can change. Someone that you think is dastardly may have something you need in the future. When you do have a slightly stronger Army score, maybe around the time of tercio, you might start denouncing. Then you may possibly influence others to denounce the one you don't like. I think you generally can't go wrong with Declaration of friendships. But you may not want to waste your time with someone that is very weak and is enemies to everyone you'd rather do business with.
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