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Resources: Alternates Converted From resource.pcx


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Jul 25, 2002
Ok I've finally decided to post the resource graphics I converted from the resource.pcx that comes with vanilla Civ3. These are replacements for all the strategic, luxury, and bonus resources found in vanilla Civ3/PTW, + 10 extra bonus resource icons in the same style. Unfortunately there are no good tobacco, oasis, or sugar substitutes in that file, so it sort of overwrites those resources, but with so many extras to chose from you don't really need them ;) There also wasn't a good Game resource, so it has been replaced with Leather, which is slightly different. I find that if you use all of these, gameplay balance is maintained very well (I have been using these for about a half a year).

All the pictures are resized and touched up so as not to look ugly in Civ3.

Here are the stats I use with the extra resources and their intended names, these are obviously only slight suggestions. Starting right after gold (the big yellow chunk):
Fruit   2/0/0 Jungles, forests, hills;
Salt    0/0/3 Deserts;
Timber  0/2/0 Forests;
Wool    2/2/0 Plains, grasslands (maybe hills);
Cotton  0/0/2 Plains;
Papyrus 0/0/3 Flood plains;
Paper   0/0/1 Jungles, forests;
Legumes 2/0/0 Grasslands;
Produce 2/0/0 Grasslands (maybe too much flavor heh);
Ores    0/2/0 Hills, mountains;
Leather 0/1/1 Tundra, forests (replaces Game).

The file also contains the luxuryicons_small.pcx for the city screen, and CityIcons.pcx, which contains smileys that match the smileys on the resources (and also the smileys on my mood badges).

Civilopedia entries and icons are available if there is public demand ;)

The resources.pcx preview:


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Very nice, this is fantastic. You should rearrange silks and spices so they are like they are in original resources.pcx. Oh, and can you please make Tobacco, Sugar, and Oasis alternates? That would be great.

BTW, what's a legume?
BTW, what are those two last images in the screenie, the grey smilie and the ball and the " :D "- smilie? :hmm:
A courtesy, if you need to make some graphics that have smilies and would like them to be compatible with these resources (Ville is right).

EDIT (missed Mobilize's post):
The spices and silks are in the correct order.
Please read the first post. It says: "Unfortunately there are no good tobacco, oasis, or sugar substitutes in that file [resource.pcx]"
This was made in the days of PTW, which I still play, so those resources were a non-issue then.

EDIT2: legume: a pod, such as that of a pea or bean, that splits into two valves with the seeds attached to one edge of the valves; a plant of the pea family.
I know about the tobacco, oasis, and sugar ones so I was suggesting that you make it. The spices and silks are not in the correct order, not for the C3C resources.pcx anyways. I thought a legume was a pea-like vegitable but the picture is of a fish, so I was kind of baffled.

I had edited the resources and took out the smiley faces and the strategic resource letter bubbles. I had also taken away the produce resource and added the tobacco, oasis, and sugar resources in their correct order. I rearranged the silks and spice so they are in correct order. I'm going to try to outline the C3C resources with the gray/black border these resources have so it looks nice and then I'm going to release them, is that alright with you? I'm probably going to add a hemp/marijuana, ebony, and corn resource. I also might make an altered llama resource as well as the other C3C resources.

This alright with you?
Well, then our conquests resources.pcx must be different, because mine clearly has spices, ivory, silks, in that order. I've asked several people what the "legumes" picture was, and everyone has a different answer. I thoght it looked sort of like a legume (we had a vegetable garden back in the day).

Naturally you may release them :) And sorry, I misunderstood what you meant by "make". I took it to mean convert from resource.pcx, as I had "made" the rest of the resources.
Yeah the legume most definantly looks like a fish in the air with his mouth open. Since I didn't like the annoying orange fish I replaced it with the "legume" and I think it looks much better.

I think they switched the silks and spice position in the C3C version.
Excellent pics for old resources! Letters are nice too.
I esp. like the new fruit, salt, wool, & cotton. :goodjob:
Maybe coffee (hills), rice (flood plain), & copper (mts)
for the legumes, paper, & ores. :yeah:
(I like timber for mountains)
I too would like the sugar & oasis.
(old game res was good enough - I just add mountains terrain)
Well, here's my version of the resources.

There are no letters or smileys on any resource, tobacco, sugar, and oasis were also added. Enjoy.

Game (Leather)


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