Reveal Map Cheat code????


Jan 8, 2002
San Diego
I really enjoy Civ III. One thing I miss is the cheat mode, Are there any cheat codes besides having to add third party programs to the game? The only thing i am really looking for is a reveal map cheat.

Not to my knowledge...and believe me I think I'd have heard about one...
There IS a reveal map cheat, of sorts. If you start a game and then wait two or three turns (allowing all of the AI civs to build their first cities) then save the game. After saving, retire. You will suffer a humiliating defeat, BUT the powergraph will pop up showing the history of all the civs AND what the map looks like, not in detail, but you WILL see all of the continents, you can sort of see where jungle/hills/prairie are vs. desert/tundra/floodplain and you can see how close continents and islands are to your continent. You also now know where the other civs are in relation to you. Then you can reload your saved game and POOF! You know the map (roughly) and your score isn't affected!
The absence of a real Cheat Mode is almost as bad as the lack of a scenario-builder.

We used to use it to quickly evaluate starting positions; run scenarios a certain number of years; play out a game that is going nowhere, etc.

I never would have bought Civ III if it said on the box, "no Cheat Mode" and "no scenario-building". :mad:

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Buecephalus he did say EXCLUDING the use of a save-edit utility...:rolleyes:
This isn't what your looking for, but may be sufficient depending on the reason why you want a reveal map function.

If you use the editor to generate maps, you will see the entire map including terrain types, you will see all possible start locations (especially their proximity to each other), and you will see the location of all resources (not sure about those that are exhausted and then rediscovered).

Save it as a .bic file and the only unknown is which start location you get. I don't know if there is a way to fix which start location you end up with.

But you will see the entire map before you play.
Unless there's something subliminal in TonyBell's original post that I'm missing.
Who said "excluding save edit utilities"? He said something about 3rd party something or other. That's clearly not what I described.
What I'm talking about can be done with the game as it exists, you don't need to add anything to it.:D
I enjoy exploring the map... I find it interesting and exciting. Reveal Map Cheat code is a lot like the spies job, isn't it?
Emperor, I agree with you.
Exploring the map is half the fun for me.
I'm not necessarily condoning the use of this "cheat", although I've used it on occasion when I only had a limited time to play a game. I'll play a quick conquest game and use this technique to find the other civs quickly. Tonybell asked, I just answered.;)
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