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Jan 18, 2002
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For some time now, I have wanted what I can only call a Beginner's Mod, one that strips away the unnecessary complications of the game and allows the player to get a handle on how things work before throwing in all the various bonii that make the game so hard to pick up. I appreciated the ability in MOO2 to be able to play a race with NO bonii or malii at all, just a plain vanilla race, so I could see how the game was supposed to work, and then get a feel for what the bonii did.

The Beginner Mod for Civ4 would eliminate the following:
  1. Leader Traits
  2. Unique Units
  3. Unique Buildings
These would be eliminated from all players, not just the human (which MOO2 didn't allow), or would just eliminate them from the human, at the player's choosing.

It might also be a good idea to have the option to take out religions and corporations - I know that corporations aren't required since they are new to BTS, and Religions are probably also unneeded to get people to understand the basics of the game.

I've played Civ since the beginning (Civ1), and I can't quite get my head around all the traits and UU/UB effects on play, or how to effectively min-max so I don't get trounced on difficulty levels higher than Noble, to say nothing of probably not lasting more than 50 turns against a human if I were to play one.

In my experience, when I play a game, I get used to seeing certain things happen. In Civ4, though, what happens depends on what leader and civ you have. If your first game is as a civ that has all kinds of money bonii, you are taught that money comes easy, and so when you later play as someone else, you can't understand why you're not making any money, when it was the bonus that was keeping you afloat all this time. You are then stuck playing only that one combination because you can't play any other way.

A bonus should FEEL LIKE a bonus, not like something you should always rely on having and then have your game crippled because you learned the wrong habits.

And so I create this Request For Mod, hoping that someone who knows how to do this can fill this need, and improve the uptake of the game. Seems a pity to have spent all that money on a game I can't play well, and I doubt I'm the only one in this boat.

Thanks in advance for your help.
I don't think he meant bonus in the terms of resources, you've been staring at Firaxis' code too long :)
I've figured out how this project would have to work:

It needs a leader with no traits and a civilization with no UU or UB, and they need to be paired together.
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