The Mongol conquest

Henri Christophe

Aug 17, 2018
Rio de Janeiro, K11 (Kwanza)

I just want to share with you guys I made it on Deity!
I conquer all civs and city-state in just 93 turns

As the story as it happens was:
I started attacking the city state western Xia, then I declare war to both China's (Jin and Song).
I focus to first conquer Jin, and then Korea to after I move my army to conquer Song. I left two rough Keishik to lead with Japan since then to the end to the game.
Korea is the only city I annexed because to purchase a navy.

After conquer Song, I go directly with my army to conquer the cities states of Dali and Dae Viet and pass through the jungle to attack India for a weak side.
While I conquer India, I made so much infantary unit I'm able to conquer Uyghur without using a Keshik.
But the Keishik defeat India a time to conquer Almaty. These both city state are important to be conquer because they have horsea resource.

Then I invade Persia with a very training Keshik army, where all have double fire, a large range and, most important of all, indirect fire. So was a easy conquest of Iran because theses promotions.
When I conquer Persia, I imediattaly attack the Abassids, and Georgia was upstet and declare war at me, so I conquer both before declare war on Arabians.
Of Arabia I first conquer Damasco and the Aleppo, the I conquer the crusade states, Meca and for last Cairo.
On this side of world have so many horse resource, so I have training and untraining unities, I divided they, the trained attack Byzancio and untrained goest to Russia to the final blow.
But Byzancio was quite quick and after conquer hungary both army devasted Russia in 93th turn
Nice. Is this a scenario? Not sure if I've ever seen it but looks fun. Keshik's are always fun!
Yes, it is a scenario on Civ V.
You need to conquer more land then actual Gengis Khan to win this scenario.
For example, the mongols never conquer Japan, India, Egypt or Bizancio. But you need to conquer theses civilization in order to win.

And Keshik is very powerfull unit, can atack and retreat, it is just a question of time to total victory
That's a really nice achievement! Thanks for sharing and I'm wondering how'd you manage to do that with so much unhappiness?
That's a really nice achievement! Thanks for sharing and I'm wondering how'd you manage to do that with so much unhappiness?
I guess there is nothing I can do at this scenario to avoid be with a population so unhappy.
But that don't change too much the game play, I lost 33% of atk when the unhappynis acchieve -10 and then don't go lower.
And sometimes appear some barbarians on my territory, I often kill them to win culture, but some time I just allow they go around
Just once they destroy my horse resource, so I was on trouble, but in 2-3 turns I solve the issue.
That's a really nice achievement! Thanks for sharing and I'm wondering how'd you manage to do that with so much unhappiness?
I wondered exactly the same thing, so I played the scenario to see if I could incorporate ideas into a standard game.
As Henri says, its a 33% penalty to attack, but this scenario generates a lot of generals to compensate.
Cities do not grow, at all.
There is a 50% production penalty.
In the scenario it doesn't matter as you get 1000 gp and a free tech when you conquer another civ.
The barbarians only became a real problem in the mid 40s turns, the game can be close to finished by then.
There is no need to puppet cities as once you go above 10 unhappiness it is the same to have 300 unhappiness.

In a standard domination game the army is often built and sent on it way, so at this point it may be possible to go above 10 happiness, even sell luxury resources. Replacing lost units or buying new ones may be more of an issue in a standard game, depending on the gold income.
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