Quest for Glory - Deity Challenge #5

Thanks a ton! I’ll give it a go before my next session.
Just in case it is not clear, the way to get to the folders inside the application itself is to right-click (or Control-click) on the application icon then select Show Package Contents. But you probably know that ...
Finished on t292. My typical approach is a "safe" built up to a snowball approach. The overall outcome was inevitable after I took out Siam, but taking that first Siam city was a meat grinder. Monty kept peacing out with Ram.
Had to use 3 citadels to do it - Defender of the faith with elephants is tough to attack into.

Had something happen which I hadn't seen before, Maria Theresa offered me Friendship within ~10 turns after I took her captial (she was not restored to life). I thought that "took their original capital" modifier was impossible to overcome. Typically for the rest of the game you can't even get more than 3 gold for a luxury resource...

Victory Progress:
Took Siam capital around t195 (started the war around turn 110!)
Kyoto around t230
Vienna around t245
Delhi ~t270
Tenochtitlan ~t275
Ulundi t289
Constantinople&Istanbul t292

Policies - 2 liberty, finished honor, commerce. Was last to ideology, took Order. Later Opened Exploration for the +1 movement on boats and also took the liberty happiness policy as well.

Battle for Sukhotai, note 3 citadels around Phitsanulok :(
qfg5 t192 battle for Sukhotai.png

Start of Japanese campaign
qfg5 t207 - Japan campaign start.png

Start of Austrian campaign. Fleet starting to come together.
qfg5 t240 - austrain campaign start.png

Last 2 capitals. Nuked them both, finished with battleships.
qfg5 win.png
T193 Labs + Free Thought = 1300 bpt.

SP order was 6 Tradition, 2 Exploration (Naval Tradition), 2 Rationalism (Secularism), 3 Freedom (Civil Society and Universal Suffrage), 3 Commerce (Mercantilism), 2 Rationalism (Free Thought) and 2 Freedom (Arsenal of Democracy for +15% production), also 1 Rationalism somewhere (Sovereignty for the GPT).
Wonders: Pisa, Porcelain Tower, Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, Hubble. I don't think Pisa and PT are necessary though. Maybe Big Ben isn't necessary, but I delayed Plastics a couple turns to time it with finishing BB.

I opened 5 city Tradition and was planning on building Oracle before NC, but I think I missed it by a few turns - it would've been nice to open Piety for faster temples. I never enhanced my religion as Goddess of the Hunt + Religious Community + Tithe was enough for me, and I wanted use my second prophet to spread religion.
I built a 6th city in the inland sea which I think was a mistake - I didn't realize a harbor connection requires a water path between the city and capitol.
Exploration for Naval Tradition was a great idea for Renaissance era happiness. I don't think I could've built Forbidden Palace, and the use of harbors meant I didn't have to spend any money on Roads. You also get the 20% railroad production boost immediately. Another mistake was planting the Porcelain Tower scientist, I think I should've used it to finish Industrialism faster, but I didn't know a CS had coal I could use (I could use the Pisa GE for Big Ben, too).

The last photo sort of has everything set up for a culture victory path, but I changed this to go for domination (Radar -> Satellites -> Xcoms). Oil can be bought from Gandhi.

Visual Progression log:

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I haven't gotten to finishing this game yet.
Notable Civ Capitols: Japan (Statue of Zeus), Assyria (Alhambra), Vienna (Brandenburg). Since the city with Alhambra doesn't have Brandenburg no Blitz XComs.
The DoF with Montezuma is key for accelerating the game: he has tons of money I can borrow for buying Labs and Xcoms/B17s. Since he's also at war with Austria he's willing to give me money for Austrian cities.
I have a carrier with 4 B17s attacking Turkey (who DoW'd me with Austria several turns earlier, but unfortunately I opted to go for Logistics instead of Air Repair. I may replay from t193 or t216.

Speaking of the t216 screenshot, I time Hubble with a GS spawn. This way, Stealth is not far away, and I can use the Rationalism finisher to grab it.

On t220, I capture my first capitol, Vienna. Monty has a ton of cash I can take to buy Xcoms for 700g each. I have 13 B17s and 10 Xcoms, produce around 1 Xcom per turn, could buy another 10 Xcoms shortly, and I have 8 capitols to take. I don't know how many turns this takes, but I think t245 is doable from this spot, maybe even t240 or t235.



T226 finish

I played from my t220 save and finished in 7 turns(!) - turns out xcoms are broken.
India and Shaka's capitols were the last ones taken. Rationalism finisher to Stealth helped with India, while finishing Refrigeration to buy an Oil Well for a CS helped as well.
Helpful things during the push:
- Rationalism finisher for Stealth for India's capitol (reachable from Assyria)
- Refrigeration to buy an Oil Well as I had no Oil worked
- Carrier with 1 logistics B17 for Shaka's capitol
- USA's Xcoms have extra sight, so you can leapfrog drops on the same turn pretty easily
- You can attack with an Xcom and gift it to a CS to open up space for another one to attack from 2 tiles away - this gives you more attackers than space.

- Shaka is far, send a spy early
- Should have went Discipline instead of Arsenal of Democracy - I ended up buying most of my Xcoms, so the 15% bonus production seemed irrelevant.

I was also just able to finish it with a domination victory on turn 265. It took me many days this game.
I went tradition -> rationalism -> order -> honor.
5 core cities growing fast while training archers on hong kong. Eventually these units plus some siege and a few blockers helped me conquer Siam and Monty around industrial time, where I upgraded them to range gatling guns. Those wars were a big slog because of the forests.
When I got paratroopers and b17s everything went a bit faster. Could have been a bit faster maybe but i'm not that gutsy. Everytime I conquered a new civ, most of the time I keep destroying their units and want to make peace with me so they cannot take back their capital.

I didn't get any of the xp wonders so sadly no amazing promoted xcoms. The b17s upgraded to stealth bombers get promotions very fast though so that was fun.

I think I could have made a few more melee units. When upgraded to minuteman they get ignore terrain cost, that was very useful this map, sadly i didn't capitalize on that and only had 1 unit that could use this.
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