Roman Unit Request


Jan 19, 2005
For my epic game I have been slowly trying to find flavour units and right now, I am focusing on completing a list of early Roman units. There are still a few I am missing and if there is a unit creator out there who is interrested in taking on a project, I have a few more units I need.

A Triarii unit to replace either the spearman or pikeman (most likely pikeman)

A unit to replace the longbowman

And a Preatorian Cavalry unit to replace the Knight. I have seen it suggested that the Crusader or Catapharct would make good replacements for the night but while I'm aiming for some historical similarities for units amongst all of the civilizations, I am also looking for distinctness as well. The Cataphract I am using for Russia and the Byzantines, so I thought it might be nice to have a strong mounted unit of a different sort for Rome.

For the Cavalry and Triarii units, I can get pictures of models for you to come from if you need.

Thank you.
For the Roman Longbowman, I always suggest using the Roman Archer, and use Roman Velites to replace Archers. Not sure how good an idea it is, but its still an idea ;)
Than there is a Roman Archer just begging to be used ;)

On another note, I think Xen suggested using a Ballista to replace a Longbowman, but its sort of an artillery piece.
the Ballista is a peice of feild -not seige- artillery; th elong bow purpose suits its use on the battlefeild- long rage, high powa' arrow shooting fun- very well, IMO

that, and I see the Longbowman as a unit just waiting to be replaced by a more unique unit from every civlization , except the english and the celts (welsh)
Some of those units already exist: I've seen them in the Unit forum Directory.

Historically speaking, you'd want either the Auxuillia Cavalry or the Cataphract for Rome.
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