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Set of questions from the Oldtimer

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by ahmedhadzi, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. ahmedhadzi

    ahmedhadzi Relocation Consultant

    Sep 23, 2008
    Astoria, NYC
    I have to admit, I hated the ciV when it first came out. I logged in 20 hours back when it was released and then it was forgotten in my steam library. Last month I was lurking around after almost two years, and I found out about G&K and BNW. I purchased BNW, started it and WHOOOOAAAA!!!! I was BLOWN AWAY.

    Suddenly the game felt as it had the substance which was lacking back when the vanilla came out. Since then I logged almost 100 hours. I played one game on Prince as Casimir and had fairly easy time with the tourist victory. I love the new idea of the culture mechanic and the way it was implemented, although the trading part of great works could play more roll in the diplo negotiation, but hey you can't have it all. That being said, even I still explore the game, I don't have much time to explore like in the olden days, so to cut things short I had the following questions in order to up my game. Currently I'm playing as Pocatello on King and have pretty good game which I feel confident about.

    So withouth further ado:

    1)What is the average sale price of luxury resource?

    2)What is the average sale price of the strategic resource (per resource)?

    3) How is the warmongering penalty calculated? Does it stack? For example if I declare war on 3 CS will this penalty stack up?

    4) What is the purpose/benefit of denouncing?

    5) What is the average number of hammers you are shooting for in a production city? How many lux are you looking for your gold city? What are you looking for science city, food?

    6) Is the city specialization still important as it was in cIV?

    Thanks in advance
  2. FeiLing

    FeiLing Deity

    Jan 9, 2012
    1) 240 for Standard Speed or 6 gpt (200 on Quick, dunno about the others)
    2) 45 Standard, 37 Quick.
    3) Oh yes it will stack. And declaring on CS is worse than on other Civs. I wouldn't dare to dow more than 1 CS if you ever want to be friendly towards any other CS in this game and not have all of the world hate you right from early on in the game.
    4) Friends of yours will start hating the denounced civ too. Although friends of them will start hating you too.
    5) Dunno about hammers, just don't settle anything on pure flat land unless there are like 4 horse tiles. You don't need any lux for gold focused cities although some like cotton, wine or ivory do give more gold than others (but poor at food/hammers). Food yeah, food for anything (pop = science. pop = workers = gold/hammers/specialists/great people). FOOD. And settling next to a mountain (for observatory).
    6) Don't know anything about cIV, but from your question #5 I'd say no it is not as important. For e.g. in CiV you don't really have a gold focused city (your capital automatically becomes your gold city anyway). And every puppet is automatically a gold focused city. Basically you want one city that can dish out wonders and or units (usually the capital... or sometimes a secondary city that is in a very good Petra spot). All other cities go for science (or unit production if you wanna end the game right away).
  3. mrwho

    mrwho Prince

    Apr 13, 2013
    1) The AI usually won't accept anything less than 8gpt or 240 gold if they sell a luxury to you. Oddly, if you sell a luxury to them, they won't go above 6gpt but are still fine with 240 gold. Note you can only trade gold with a declaration of friendship
    2) 45 gold standard, or 2 gpt on standard.3
    3) The warmongering penatly stack, but actually declaring war is much less of a factor in BNW than it used to be. The main warmonger penatly now comes from capturing cities rather than actually declaring war, so you can be on the defense and take a few cities and still get a massive penalty. Further, the fewer cities an AI has, the higher the penalty for taking a city.
    4) Denouncing tells the other AI to not trust that AI, so they're less likely to form an alliance. Denouncing an AI another AI hates will give positive diplo relations, denouncing a friend of an AI will give negative relations. Denouncing your own friend will give a big diplo penatly with all civs and should rarely, if ever, be done.
    5) It depends on the stage of the game. Late game, I'd say 150 hammers would be a very strong production city. Generally, if you can build a current era wonder in, say, 20 turns on standard speed, I'd say that's a very good production city. There's no such thing as gold cities really in Civ 5. There's far less city specialisation in general. It's nice to have at least 1 unique luxury in a city so it initially pays for itself in global happiness, but this is not necessary. Late game, I'd maybe have 600 or 700 science in my capital city.
    6) City specialisation is a very small part of the game, I'd say, and it focuses more on buildings than improvements in civ 5.

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