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should i keep going....?

David In Asia

Feb 6, 2002
Barcelona, Spain (from UK)
if you'll bear with me, here's the scenario.....

1595 AD. just wiped france off the map apart from one city on an island somewheres, leaving iroquis, russia and germany. about 51 points ahead in score (and rising) to nearest rival, and slightly ahead on techs. loads of money (other nationalities no money hardly) so i can crank up my research to get further ahead. researching steamroad at the moment. basically, at this point, i'm winning.

my question is, will this now just become a click-feast, just getting through the technologies until space race/2050 and winning on score (whichever comes first) OR does the AI have something in store for me. so far (apart from me) nobodies declared war on anybody. what i'm getting at is can i expect a bit of action between now and the end game, or have i, technically, won it, if you get my meaning. if so, i would rather start a new game at the next level, but obviously i'd much rather carry on, but not if it just means endless clicking and micro-managing just to reach an inevitable conclusion.

i'd hate to get bored of what has been a great game sofar. for example, i'd like to think that when i start getting near to space race, someone somewhere starts having a bash at me........or some countries gang up and have a go........

do you know what i mean? :crazyeyes

Yeah, I know the feeling. The first time I called UN to council, I won just like that. I could've loaded and won by a more fulfilling means, but the "feeling" wasn't there anymore.

I'd say, go nuke crazy once you can meltdown all the opoosing civs' main city areas. Beat off any comers with Tank-on-a-Stick. Win by a HUGE histograph score, or launch the year before. Watch for UN however. Makes me want to play like this myself! Patience, just three more ICBMs...
the only thing is ouch, any victory conditions are still ages away - that's half the problem. i'm only just researching steam engine.

btw, i see you're in malaysia - i'm just up the road in thailand. :)
I sometimes have the same problem. I was playing a huge map, all 16 civs with just two huge continents. By the early 1700's had finally liberated my whole continent, leaving four other, much weaker, civs on the other continent. I was ahead in points, culture and techs and there wasn't much chance I'd lose.

I lost interest. The game tends to be more about being the underdog and struggling to to become a superpower for me. Once I've got the clear edge it's stops being as fun.

However, it's worth mentioning that I'm still new and climbing levels, currently at regent. I'm not likely to dominate as easily in my next game.
I'll generally either end it there with the knowledge of a win or start cranking up the assault forces and start taking over for the quickest win possible - conquest. There's no sense in clicking "next turn" a couple hundred times just to be voted into the UN.
You gotta have GOALS babe...Build up your cities and rush your science to nukes and BLOW THE WORLD TO somewhere hot and firey with poisonous sludge surrounding much of the workable land. With luck you'll have like 100 turns to watch the world's histogtraph rating suffer, you hot madman you. Go and eat their workers when they come out to clean for long-term kicks.
wow, was it really 5 weeks ago i made this post??? time flies, eh? anyhows, i took a break and diddled around with a couple of other games and did some more work on my home site, and yesterday i got stuck back into civ.....decided to carry on the game......AND WON!!! yippeee! well chuffed.

i went for UN, and won diplomatically. it was still kinda fun, as it was only my second game so it was good learning the new techs and units and reading up on them - even if i didn't get chance to use them. funnily enough, apart from me when i wiped out france and the babylons, noone, not once, declared war on each other - and the germans were playing. does this happen often??

well, that was at warlord level, so i've gone up to regent and started a new game - standard size, random doo-dah (island, continent and all that). found myself on a small continent sharing with romans. they've already had a pop, but i soon sorted that out. made peace with them, but believe me, i won't forget it - they're gonna' get it at some stage.

right, i'm off to play. c u all later.
btw, thanks for replies everyone
Originally posted by David In Asia
noone, not once, declared war on each other - and the germans were playing. does this happen often??

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Some games I have seen them fight constantly.

In a recent game, they were razing each others cities, so I planted a few new towns in the middle of their continent. I already controlled my own continent, so this allowed me to consolidate a beachhead during peacetime. By the time war finally rolled around, they were still fighting, and I had an airport in the middle of their lands.
I bet if you turn the game into an epic story like Zachriel does the game would get much more interesting....how did you say it Zachriel? "I think of it as one challenge at a time...not winning the game" something like that. I like I merged a few sentences to gether but that was the idea. Make your next goal to conquer Zululand (or whomever is left) and then make another goal....if that isn't fun then by all means start a new game at a higher level. You must keep it fun :D
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