Sid Meier's Civilization 1 Japanese Playstation 1 Port - English Translation Patch


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Sep 24, 2016
Hey guys, I thought it was @Lord_Hill or someone else here who told me about this, but I can't seem to find any posts so it must have been elsewhere, which means I forgot to post it here so shame on me lol!

I recently discovered that the talented @riderr3 on another site has successfully managed to partially translate the rather cool ASMIK Japanese Playstation port of Sid Meier's Civilization 1 into English and released a patch. This is very cool as obviously I did a video on this version a while back and had to use a phone camera translator app to have any idea of what was going on, but now that is no longer needed! For the uninitiated the PS1 port of Civ1 is a special unique isometric 2.5D almost 'Civ2 like' looking version of Civ1 filled with FMV and new graphics that was never released outside of Japan. I imported a near mint condition physical copy of it from Japan a few years back and muck around with it occasionally so I'm very happy there's an English patch for it now! I wonder if @riderr3 could be tempted into also doing a similar translation patch for the similarly rare and unique ASMIK Japanese port of Microprose's Master of Magic called Civizard (which I did a partial picture translation guide of on GameFAQs) as that would be too good to be true lol! Have added this patch to our main links & info thread.

Here's the patch and links to tools for applying it:

Here's some screenshots of his English patch in action (normally all this text is in Japanese):


Here's the video I did a while back on the SNES and PS1 ports:

And lastly here's a picture of my physical copy for anyone curious:
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Excellent, after torturing myself with the japan only pc-98 version last year, I couldn't face doing it again for the playstation version. Now I can check it out in detail and maybe add to my ports thread
Hello there. Yeah, this translation is partial but it is enough to play without frustration.
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