Civilization 1 Box Cover Images (CivDOS, CivWIN, CivNET, Consoles)


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Sep 24, 2016
Hey guys,

I was just thinking we should keep a record here on CivFanatics of some of the box covers that the various versions of Civ1 had. There's of course many variants out there due to different regions and re-releases so I've tried to pick the most common ones, however it looks like there's an excellent record of scans for all the variants out there too on mobygames here:

Here's some nice copies of the covers for the original CivDOS release:

CivDOS Cover.jpg CivDOS Cover2.jpg

Here's the CivWIN ones:

CivWIN Cover.jpg CivWIN Cover2.jpg

And here is a copy of the CivNET covers:

CivNET Cover.jpg CivNET Cover2.jpg

As for consoles here's the Super Nintendo port covers:

CivSNES Cover.jpg CivSNES Cover2.jpg

And lastly here's the covers for the rarely seen outside of Japan Sony Playstation 1 port (which I actually have a nice mint condition copy of that I imported from Japan a couple of years back):

CivPS1 Cover.jpg CivPS1 Cover2.jpg
This is great, thanks for sharing.

Seeing the original box brings back memories. I saw a PDF of the original manual which did too, along with the tech tree pull out. Makes me feel old though 😅
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