Sneaky way to mess with AI's colonies


Dec 18, 2001
Amish Country, Wisconsin, USA
Early in the game, the AI will occasionally build a colony to get resources. Now we all know that we could build a city right next to it and claim that resource ourselves, and the colony would dissapear. But what if it is not feasible to put a city there? Like if it is too far from your capital, or it is way to close to so many other civs that you would not want to have to defend a city there, or you already have too many of that particular resource?

Trick: If part of the road that leads to it is in nuetral territory (which is almost a guarantee), then pillage it. You won't start of war, because the road is in nuetral territory, plus you'll deny that civ access to that resource! I tried this against the Persians and denied them access to horses, however they had two other sources so if it had been their only resource, maybe things would have been different (they were still 'polite' to me after the pillage)
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