[solved-impossible]Edit or create new ProgressionModel?


Apr 1, 2015
I noticed the ProgressionModel COST_PROGRESSION_PREVIOUS_COPIES does not work for Projects... Since it does work for units (also dead units) I see no reason why the devs did not make it work.

Unfortunaltey I can not find anything related in lua files ? so it is hardcoded?
Can I make it also work for Projects?

Or can I create a new model taht is doing the same but also works for projects?


Jul 23, 2013
Illinois, USA
CostProgressionModels are not defined anywhere in the game's database. They are merely text that is referred to for units, projects, districts. Everything else is done within the game's DLL.

The basic answer in Civ6 for things that do not seem to be defined anywhere is that they are directly defined witihn the DLL and the database tables merely contain text that is used to tell the DLL what sort of Effect, Requirement, CostProgression, CollectionType, etc., to apply.

Projects do use column CostProgressionModel but other than no cost progression all Firaxis looks to have used with Projects is COST_PROGRESSION_GAME_PROGRESS.

Nothing would be found in lua files in any event, since all they do is create interfaces for the human player, and directly querry the game's DLL for what cost to display in terms of Production.
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