Some nagging issues with my new civ mod...


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Feb 19, 2010
Hey everyone. I've got two issues that I have questions about.

1) I can't seem to get a separate text file to work. The TXT_KEYS are only matched with text when I put them in the same city list only works if it's in the Civilziation.xml file.
2) When I loaded the mod, I can't scroll down the civ selection list. I've encountered the mistake where you can only select the first entry on the civ list, that's not the issue here.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
1) The text keys don't have to be in the same file as the civilizations, so it seems your problem is caused by something else. I can help when I see your files.

2) It's probably caused by a civ having less than two unique units/buildings/improvements.
Right, here's the civmod file attached. Don't judge me!

Also, regarding 2), I don't think it's that. When I had that problem when modding a few weeks ago I encountered that, and the result was that only Ahmad al Mansur appeared on the list. This time, the list is normal length, I just can't scroll.


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Haha, coulda sworn I had loaded it. That's what you get for modding right before work. Thanks.
You have this:
which is a code repeat, which is a big no-no, and is also causing the game to discard the file I'm pretty sure, which is causing the no-scroll in the set-up page.

and this in the definition of the civ

you also have this, but I'm not sure for civilizations whether an alpha atlas is actually required

in the leader definition you have this:

I noticed also you don't have anything defined for your leader trait to actually do. Never tried that before so don't know if the game will reject such a trait or not.

In the unit's <Language_en_US> table you have
which again is also a code repeat, and is going to cause the unit file to fail.
It's OK to do this:
Because in that case you are telling the game to also use the civilopedia entry for destroyers for your unit. But it is not OK to re-state the name of the TXT_KEY tag in the <Language_en_US> table as a <Row> entry.
Thanks for the breakdown. The missing DoM (.dds) is just cause it's not done yet. The dom screen throws an error and is red, but the game loads fine. The empty trait doesn't really cause problems (I've done that before). Obviously it doesn't do anything, but that's because the civ is incomplete.

I'll implement the fixes when I get home. Thanks for the help!
Okay, sorry for the double post. I implemented the fixes all above. My only remaining issue is that the text file still doesn't work properly. I deleted the text tables from the Civilizations and Units and Buildings tables, set the text file to be onmodactivated, and it still doesn't work. Any thoughts?
I have logs enabled. I've attached database and xml. As you can see, the error pops up in the Database log. Could it have something to do with the order in which the text file load? Are there any special considerations for text files that I may have missed?

EDIT: Sorry for the delay, had to convert my logs to txt to get them to attach. .


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"columns Language, Tag are not unique" means that you try to define a text key that already exists. Looking at the mod you posted (I'm not sure if it's the current version), I can see that you still have some text defined in Buildings.xml, Civilizations.xml and Units.xml, and try to define the same text keys again in GameText.xml. This causes the error.
Thanks guys. Solved the problem. I had missed an instance of defining something that was already defined. Feel free to lock it up, mods! And thanks for helping me clean up my mod in general.
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