Songhai SG

t150: Decided against the GMoD. No reason to if the main reason for our missionaries is to grab barbs. Purchase missionary in Gao. Gao: Oracle to Worker.
t151: Remember our lonely Warr. With all the troops down there now, I think the TRs are safe. CB barb camp you were after is gone.
t153: Trade OBs w/ Pedro. Decline w/ Haille. Decline w/ Liz as well. Goa: Worker to Worker.
t154: Haille back again begging for OB. Decline. IW to Edu. Liz grabs Hagia.
t155: Liz wants us to DOW Pedro. I decline. Upgrade our Archer. Convert CB. Convert Pike. Switch to MC from Edu. Figure we need to convert all these CB into XB and maybe start an aggro culture game or something?
t156: +12c. Tag: Lhouse to Granary. Gao: Worker to Aqu. Allied w/ Almaty, friends w/ Yerevan after converting camp.
t157: +7c
t158: +15c. Pacal and Pedro have had enough missionary spam from Haille and joint DOW him. Got a Pike from Sofia.
t159: Another CB converted after it jumped out of camp to grab missionary, so I can clear the camp next turn for gold. Grab just one more missionary for barb grabs. Jenne: Aqu to Market. Tom: SoZ to Aqu.
t160: Oops...left missionary next to camp after crossing river. When barb appeared in camp it cleared it. Gifted Axe to Yerevan, who is still at war w/ Rome. Everyone loves us for building SoZ. Pedro got GMoD. Don't think we would've gotten it anyway. Mohawk from Almaty. Gao: Aqu to Market.
t162: +7c. MC to Guilds. Sell Cotton to Rammy. Convert Horse. Gift to Sofia. Need to grab them from Haille.
t163: +12c
t164: +112g, +7c. Machu goes to Rammy. Pacal took a city from Haille.
t165: Have a couple of missionaries 2 tiles from camps hoping the guard will jump out to grab it, so we can still get the gold. Roads are going up. Not sure of the plan, but pretty much anyhow we want to win should be pretty doable at this point. Good luck on your turns.


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T165: We'll most likely win a culture quest for Sofia in 15 turns. I think we can attack Ethiopia after that - take Harar with CBs and convert to XBs there, then take Addis Ababa and move on to the next target.

Convert two barb archers, gift one to Yerevan. Start moving towards Harar.

T166: +16c, +112g. Gifted units to Almaty, Singapore, Melbourne and Ragusa. Bought a few tiles. Started Workshop in Gao.
T167: So many barbs to convert in the north! They seem to migrate there from all the snow camps for some reason. Start Workshop in Tag. Trade Wine, Salt, 4 Horses, OB <> Marble with Pacha. Loses 4 happiness to gain influence with Ragusa which has Ivory... this should work out.
T168: Ragusa happy with Marble, 250 gold to ally them. Gift a unit to Yerevan for now. +16c, +112g.
T169: Finish Piety. +51c, +224g. Units to Almaty, Melbourne, Ragusa, Singapore, Sofia. Renew DoF with Brazil.
T170: Plant holy site. +38c, +112g.
T171: Ethiopia offers DoF, decline. +19c, +112g. Units to Yerevan and Hanoi.
T172: +27c, +224g. Units to Almaty, Melbourne, Ragusa, Singapore, Sofia.
T173: Ramk enters Renaissance (Banking). +23c, +112g. Spy to Rio.
T174: Liz steals Ragusa from us with a stupid Great Merchant. Liz is the tech leader, has top army, 100 gpt and 2200 gold saved up. Unit to Yerevan.
T175: +7c, +112g. We actually get a Great General from all the barb kills. Unit to Melbourne, Ragusa, Singapore. 1000 gold to Melbourne.
T176: +7c. Plant another holy site.
T177: Siam replaces England as ally of Ragusa. Now they'll likely fight for it and spend lots of gold on it, pushing it out of reach... Steal from Pedro in 30 turns, don't think we can even steal anything except Education which we can get in like 10 turns anyway. Move Spy to Palenque. +21c.
T178: +9c, +224g. Figure we have enough influence with Yerevan at this point. Units to Melbourne, Singapore, Ragusa.
T179: Buy another missionary, the first two are far from home. Delete scout, unit supply limit. Unit to Almaty. Start Education. Stop working Kailash for now, 49 fpt even without it.
T180: Haile and Pedro make peace, Pacal still at war with Haile though and moves a couple of units towards Harar. We win Sofia's culture quest, now Haile has no CS allies to worry about.

Spoiler Screen :

Dunno if this is enough units to take Harar. I think it should be? We can afford to lose some units too. Denounce Haile before attacking? Could use the missionary as bait for Haile's units if things go wrong. Great General rushing to help, have a few CBs in our lands that we could upgrade and send as reinforcements as well. We have some barb Swordsmen in the north, wasn't sure if we want to keep them or gift away. Fairly strong units and I don't think they require Iron?

I was thinking that maybe we should build guilds in Taghaza. City has a ton of food and not much else. Could send it a hammer caravan to help. Eventually establish Cargo ships between Tag and Rome.

Rio wasn't a good choice by me for spy steals, hopefully Palenque is better. I think I saw a Trebuchet from Pacal, so maybe we can steal Physics at least.

Barb yields
150-165: +60c, +112g.
165-180: +213c, +1120g. Converted barbs doing work.

Total: 801c, 5152g. (~4.5 cpt, ~28.6 gpt)


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t180: Lots of shooting. Moving units towards Harar.
t181: Pacal makes peace as well. +224g, +24c. Denounce Haille. 21t steal in Palenque. Convert Horse, Brute. Gift Singapore. See 2 Longbows in Mayan lands. Sending Pike to see if she's coming here.
t182: Pac likes that we denounced Haille. Yeah, there are a ton of English troops headed somewhere. DOW Haille. Convert Sword. Gift Ragusa, Almaty. Tom: WS to Market. +112g, +16c.
t183: Renew Salt/360g trade w/ Pac. Convert Archer. Still not completely sure where Liz is headed. Thinking not us, though. Pedro grabs Alhambra. +112g.
t184: Gift Yerevan, Melbourne. Gao: Garden to Colosseum.
t185: Liz DOWs Pedro for his coastal city. Tag: WS to W Guild. Jenne: WS to Barracks. Lost a CB to a Kris. With both Pac and Pedro peacing Haille, don't think we can push in here. Not enough places to shoot in from.
t187: Convert Sword. Edu to Steel. Gift Ragusa, Sofia. Rome finally captures Yerevan. Would be really nice if we could bribe Liz on Haille.
t188: Decline DOF from Pac. Convert Pike. Gift Singapore. Convert CB. Gao: Colosseum to Uni. +112g, +12c.
t189: Haille begs for peace for gold. I oblige. Too many Kris and Trebs. Need to upgrade. Convert a Pike. Gift Melbourne. Tom: Market to Uni.
t190: Convert Pike, Archer. Gift Sofia, Ragusa, Monaco.
t191: +112g. Converted 3 Axes. Jenne: Barracks to Uni. Gift Singapore.
t192: Dadgummit, Pac asked if I was going to attack him. Have to say no. Gift Riga. Renew Copper/Salt trade w/ Rammy. Sell Dyes to Liz. Went Commerce. Figured we should try to leverage our favorable gold situation.
t193: Converted Pike. Will clear camp with it. Almaty wants a road.
t194: Converted Horse. Gao: Uni to Barracks.
t195: Tag finished W Guild. Plan was to finish upgrading XB and head back to Ethiopia or maybe attack Liz while her army is in Brazil. My apologies again on the wait. Good luck on your turns.

Last 15t: +672g, +52c. Total: +5824g, +853c.


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T195: Converted camp with Pikeman for Monaco. Gift Monaco a unit.

T196: Siamese coup in Singapore. Pacal enters Renaissance (Banking). Finish Steel, start Chivalry - hopefully we steal Banking from Pacal. Unit to Singapore. +24c, +112g. Upgrading units.

T197: +112g. Unit to Ragusa.

T198: England allies Singapore now. Annoying Patronage AIs. Buy Iron from Pacal to upgrade last Mohawk. Congress is founded. I propose Arts Funding to make 5 AIs happy. Don't think we can compete for WF yet.

T199: Unit to Singapore. Siam proposed to ban Jewelry. We're getting that from Melbourne currently.

T200: +30c, 224g.

T201: Unit to Monaco.

T202: Steal Banking. Start Physics. England and Brazil make peace. Liz gets Salvador in the deal. +112g, unit to Singapore. Buy Gold from Pacha for Furs and 19 gpt. This will complete a quest for Singapore which is a good ally to have vs Ethiopia.

T203: Allies with Singapore, Almaty happy as well. GP born, will send him to convert CSs that want our religion. Expected the peace deal w/Ethiopia to run out on this turn but I guess it's next turn. 750g to Singapore to secure the alliance.

T204: There it is, peace deal expires. DoW Ethiopia. Our Kris Longsword gets Invulnerability: +30% strength when defending, +20 HP when healing. Let's see if Singapore can capture a city with all these units we've gifted them.

T205: 16c, +224g, unit to Monaco.

T206: Killing lots of units. Singapore is drawing attention nicely but failing to do any real damage.

T207: Ram builds Forbidden Palace in his capital. Looks like Pacal wants to join the war vs Ethiopia, he's moving units closer.

T208: Physics done, started Gunpowder. Singapore doing damage to Adwa. We're doing damage to Harar. Unit to Monaco, +112g.

T209: Pacal DoWs Haile. Our second GG is born. Focus fire Harar.

Spoiler :
I've been gifting units to Singapore and Monaco, and we have a GPr that can convert both as well. One of the missionaries in the north spreads Eastern Orthodoxy, but HC works for him too. Siam proposed a ban on Jewelry which kinda sucks, but we don't really have the cash to do much diplomat work here. I'm leaving you our empire with -49 gpt. :blush: Barb camps and city captures should keep us afloat though. I built some catapults before finishing Physics to upgrade later and liberate Yerevan when we have the units and cash for it.

Last 15t: +896g, +70c. Total: 6720g, 923c.


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t210: Gao: Ironworks to Caravan. Prophet spreads to Singapore. Take Harar. Annex for a couple of turns while selling buildings for healing and such.
t211: Haille wants peace. I decline. Renew Salt/Spices w/ Liz. +224g. Gift Singapore/Ragusa. Tag: WMill to Uni.
t212: Another Mohawk and XB. Gao: Caravan to Bank. Caravan to Melbourne. Tom: Pike to Armory. +16c, +112g. Jenne: Stone Works to Bank.
t213: England buys Melbourne. We'll get them back in 2t with GS. Moving troops toward new Ethiopian snow city for better approach on AA.
t215: Pedro joins our war.
t216: Convert Ragusa.
t217: Convert XB. Capture Gondar. Raze it. +112g.
t218: Liz denounces us. Gunpowder to Chem. Gao: Bank to Armory.
t219: Sell Harar to Pac.
t220: Convert Pike. +112g. Gift Ragusa.
t221: Take AA. Tom: Armory to Treb.
t222: Convert XB. Move toward Gao to help w/ Yerevan/Rome. +112g. I'll let Pac or Pedro take Haille's last city. Take a quick breather before DOWing Pacha.
t223: Convert Sword. +112g. Convert Archer. Gift Sofia/Singapore. Gao: Armory to Treb.
t225: Prophet is headed back to convert Jenne and Sofia. Missionary directly north of Mayan lands is headed to camp to its NW. Pac will take last Eth city this turn. I started getting troops setup for Incan conquest. Had gold up to -19, but we're back down to -44. We can probably use a couple of our good Missionaries to convert Monaco and Incan lands on our way through. Good luck on your turns.

Last 15t: +784g, +16c. Total: +7504g, +939c.


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T225: Purchase Monastery in Jenne. DoW Pachacuti. Decide to gift away the chariots at this point.
T226: Ram builds Globe and denounces us. +224g. Start on a couple of Mandekalus.
T227: Ram and Pacha DoW Pacal. Captured Vilcabamba, raze. Offered DoF to Pacal, he accepted.
T228: Sell Vilcabamba to Brazil.
T229: New SP, take Discipline. Annex Addis Ababa, buy Pagoda.
T231: +112g. Sofia captures an Incan city with some help from us, and keeps it - that's nice because the city has Citrus.
T232: Liz DoWs Pacal. Everyone hates Pacal for eliminating Haile. Chemistry done, Compass next.
T233: Stole Printing Press from Pacal.
T234: +448g.
T235: England stole Gunpowder. Road to Almaty done. Compass done, start Metallurgy.
T236: Convert Monaco.
T237: Allies with Monaco and Ragusa. I buy Kiev as well and DoW Ramk so that we keep our new allies. +7c.
T238-239: Shooting Pacha's units... he has a lot, unfortunately. Maybe our new CS allies will draw his attention soon and we can push in.

Liz has captured Lalibela which broke our toad connection to Addis. We're one unit above supply limit, I think we have a bunch of excess workers and maybe one too many missionaries? GS in Tombuctu in 8 turns, I was thinking 2 GS bulbs, then Oxford Dynamite here and probably just go for a DomV. We could cripple everyone and play for a CV, but that just feels like delaying our victory for no reason. DomV just makes the most sense to me.

Pedro, Pacal and Augustus are weak, we're at war with Pacha and Ram, so I think it's only Liz who can steal our CS allies now.

Last 15t: +784g, +7c. Total: +8288g, +946c.


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Vad, I’m going to let you finish this one if you would like. I can’t seem to come up with much time to play, and I hate leaving you on the hook like this. I really appreciated playing with you.
That's alright, GGs and thanks for playing. :)

I'll finish this game, it shouldn't take very long now that we're so close to Artillery. I'm curious what the total gold from camps will be.
Victory on turn 283. :)


Cleared 21 more camps. Total barb yields are 10640 gold (95 camps), 946 cutlure; ~37gpt and ~3cpt. It's unfortunate that converting barbs doesn't give you culture.

We also gifted a lot of units to CSs once we got Heathen Conversion, let's say 45 units in total. That's at least 225 influence on CSs, plus all those units also fought on our side, which helped us conquer the world.

Interesting experiment. I thought about deliberately getting -10 happiness to spawn rebels and convert them, but we already had lots of units anyway, so I didn't bother.
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