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(Speculation) Concept of modular expantions for further games of Civ series

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Akinaba, Mar 24, 2013.


Would you like to see a modular type of DLC for futher games in Civ series?

  1. Yes it would be good

    5 vote(s)
  2. No I don't like the idea

    4 vote(s)
  1. Akinaba

    Akinaba Warlord

    Aug 16, 2012
    Looking on latest two expantions for CiV one can see how the game "builds" itself from simple game for starters to more complex game like CIV for Civ veterans by adding new aspects of the game (2 for each new expantion for now).

    Thinking further of this construcion I found that there is a pontetial to make next Civilization modular and easy for new players to enter.

    Lets speculate a bit. Imagine the further release of Civilization VI consisting from such part:

    - Basic CiVI (release): Just basic things. Cities, terrains, resources, food, science and culture generation, basic technology tree. Generally speaking, all that original Civilization I had.
    - Expasntion 1: Religion: Deeply worked-out religion aspect;
    - Exp 2: Espionage: Deeply worked-out espionage with more options that there are now in G&K;
    - Exp 3: Culture: Basicly same thing as we see in BNW right now;
    - Exp 4: Trade routes & Economy: same as is in BNW and maybe including Corporation;
    - Exp 5: ...
    - etc.

    Modules (or Expantions) sould not overlap each other so each Expantion could be bought indpendently from other. Such a modular composition gives a beautifull opportunity for new players to drop in the series withough beign overwhelmed of complexity of the final game with all expantions included.

    Each new module (or expantion) should be cheeper than current CiV expantion, but if summarized their price can be higher than price of CiV expantions obviously. Such approach is more suitable for 2k from the ecnomics point of view on the one hand and it gives time to work deeper on certain aspects of the game for devs on another. Not speaking of that number of such modular expantions could be almost endless with all the economic consequences for publisher.

    So I suggest to discuss theoretical possibility of such composition of further parts of the game and share you thoughts on a subject.

    Edit: Maybe this thread is more suitable for Ideas and Suggestions forums. If so then move it, please to the propper section, thanx.
  2. kamex

    kamex Emperor

    Sep 13, 2008
    No. I'd expect most if not all features of Civ IV in vanilla Civ V. Other wise why would you want to buy the 'new' game in the series other than a graphics overhaul?

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