Spy Updates - Proposal Working Session


Baller Magnus
Dec 31, 2005
So I do want to propose some changes to the spy system, and this thread is to work out the logistics of a good proposal.

Early game coups are too high (75% success/25% spy death), but honestly it feels higher than that (I coup all the time, and very rarely lose my spy, it certainly doesn't feel like 1 in 4). I do think coups need some adjustment.

--Required Spy Level: Change to 2.
--Maybe lower success level? (maybe 60%). the only problem here is that a coup failure is a spy death, and killed spies is a big deal. Maybe the spy level is enough, something to ensure I just don't blanket the CS world in coups, which is what I can do now.

Yield Steal Mission: The main problem here is that its too swingy. Either the security is low, so I get like a 1 turn steal (and therefore no yields) for all of that setup time. Or the security then jumps to max, and I have like a major death risk after my yield steals.

--Minimum Mission Time (regardless of security level): 5.
This way I always get a "reasonable" steal no matter when I plant my spy. The security level still can boot me or kill me, but I'm no longer completely wasting my time. I think 5 turns provides a reasonable return on the setup investment.


Sep 13, 2022
Maybe the security level jump on yield steals is also too high? Security from recent steals should ramp up over several missions, not just one?


Aug 9, 2017
I would rather changing the coup mechanic than just adjusting the chance. Instead of one-sided roll, you give a notification to the current allied civ about an on-going coup (with current chance of success) and choices to half the chance or outright stopping it by paying resource (or let it go if you don't care). Would give better gameplay interaction/decision than just suddenly see your allied cs turn onto you overnight with no counter.
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