SS screen won't come up after I've completed all SS parts

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Sep 27, 2007
12's my 3rd game in Civ3.I have Civ3 v 1.07f and I'm playing a game in the easiest mode.After I complete all SS parts in various cities,i press the S button at the bottom right in the screen,so I can Launch the spaceship and win,but the screen won't come up,I just here a sound.Is that a bug or is something I'm not doing right?
Well,wouldn't it alert me if the game had ended?The year is 2010.There are still all other civs in the game and I haven't gone into war.My culture is about 60000.
ok here is the save.I have built the UN,it asked me if I want to have a vote,I said no,then it stopped asking me.

After you have built the UN, it asks you if you want to have a vote. If you say no, it should ask again every 11 turns. Did you play at least that many more turns?

Also, if you happen to be playing on a tiny map, I believe 60,000 culture is enough to win a cultural victory, provided no other civ has more than half as much culture as you do.
You must have launched it already

The turn you complete the last SS part, the game ends. First the domestic advisor tells you City X has finished last SS part, so what sould we build next? Then the SS screen appears by itself, the launch button is yellow, and you launch it. You can't return to the game before you press the launch button. It doesn't give you chance to return to manage/game/whatever mode, like when you can move units, open military advisor and stuff. So you'd never have to press S at the bottom of the screen
oh I see!for some reason I was able to return to the game.I now have finished another game by launching the ship and in the game we are discussing it didn't show me the launch video.Anyway,thanks for your help guys!
If you touch any key it will skip the video. If you are hitting things to try to get around the screen you might have accidentally caused it not to play.
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