Starting a war... (and a couple of other potential bugs)


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Nov 14, 2002
So far I'm finding BTS to be one of the best expansion packs to a PC game that I've played. But currently I am seeing at least three bugs at the moment. I haven't seen them listed yet and I am open to learning it's operator or system error if that's the case. I've just downloaded both BTS patches and everything remains the same. Anyway...

1) The only way I've been able to declare war is in the introductory screen between civs where the player has to make the choice right off the bat. I've not been able to initiate it by attacking players or entering territory. In fact I simply can't go into the territories period under closed borders and the pieces of separate civs simply occupy same space when not at war.

2) The game crashes when I responded yes when the 'puter asks if I want to let a far flung city become a colony.

3) BTS has left no shortcuts on my screen. Autoplay does something weird about checking my system and gets hung up, the Civ IV icon won't seek BTS, and the only way to start the EP is take out and put back in the disk.

1)In diplomacy you can declare war by going to "let us discuss something else -> declare war". You can also alt-click the civ name on the score panel to declare war.

2)Can't be sure without a save, but this sounds like the draft unit bug. The game will crash if anyone attempts to draft a unit when they have rocketry but not assembly line, and it auto-drafts units when cities are liberated or colonies created.

3)Known issue with the installer on vista. While the 3.03 patch theoretically fixes this, it should not under any circumstances be installed, as it creates additional major bugs. There is a proper patch due out this week which will probably fix that.
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