Strange error message - Can someone help ??


Feb 22, 2002
I created a scenario in the editor, and when I try to open it up with the game, I get the following message:

Scenario Version Invalid!
Invalid scenario version
Version 3.00 is no longer compatible.

What am I doing wrong ??

If you're using the editor that came with the patch, your game won't work, it's the wrong one. You can get the proper editor around here somewhere. You need version 1.15, the one that came with the patch is 1.17.

Also, if you've added anything like a unit/improvement etc. then the game won't recognize your saved games, you have to start from scratch.
Yep. That happened to me with a different mod. I figured the original game Editor would be fine and I used that, not the broken Editor that came initially with 1.17. So I downloaded the new Editor. Took just a few minutes.
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