Strongest play style so far for emporer level with French 2022.


Apr 23, 2005
So far the strongest play style that I have learned for Earth + French is the following:

1. Expand carefully, always first build at least 1 phalanx in a city then
2. Always build a city wall close to enemies.
3. Stuff cities close to enemies full with catapults to use them whenever needed, at least 1 should be present to kill larger stacks.

(To be able to build city walls faster and sometimes also granary for faster growth, play with your tax rate, don't be afraid to set it at 100% to be able to buy city walls and catapults and ofcourse also barracks faster, when in war, tax rate at 100% until war is over ! ;) Technology can be gained through diplomats and city concuering if needs to be, perhaps offer one city to enemy and then re-cap to get tech ! ;))

So new ideas which I might try in the future:

4. Build a fortress or city close to the enemy capital to be able to stack a lot of units inside without losing them all against 1 attacker ! ;)

(One last peculiar tip: Trading technology too fast might actually hurt you, especially if you trying to research a critical tech that you absolutely need. The strange and hard to grasp part about civilization 1 is the technology because expontentially more expensive to research no matter what you choose, so the first tech is maybe 10 bulbs, next tech 20 bulbs, next tech 40 bulbs, next time 80 light bulbs.

I am not sure what the exact exponential growth difficulty is of research at emporer level, anybody know ? I guess I could try and count the light bulbs but after some techs it becomes difficult.

There is no total ammount of tech bulbs shown but the F3 or some kind of blue-ish screen does show the light bulbs per city with blue light bulb like icons, so that can give some idea how many light bulbs each city is producing ! ;) :) (and how effective it might be to build a library or change taxes/research and such... to see if it makes any sense and what effect it has... and then there is ofcourse the city screen but it only shows icons and not the total ammount of light bulbs in that city so it becomes difficult to see how many light bulbs exactly... so that is why this F3 or F4 screen is a bit better/more clear to see an actual digital number ! ;))

Bye for now,
Skybuck =D
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