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Super Weapons

Discussion in 'CivBE - Ideas and Suggestions' started by Lord Tirian, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Lord Tirian

    Lord Tirian Erratic Poster

    Nov 30, 2007
    Liverpool, UK
    So... at first, I was actually quite okay with Civ:BE leaving out the super weapons (aka nukes, planet busters, etc) and moving these effects to covert ops.

    However, after mulling over how Civ:BE plays out and comparing it to Civ, SMAC and, lately, Pandora:First Contact again, I feel that the game in general lacks some tuning in the end game. If the endgame becomes more tense (and, IMO, it should), it needs super weapons for two reasons:
    • Allow for military tie breaks
    • Give domination victories an science victory equivalent

    Now, in general, I would usually say domination doesn't need it but the affinity victories come quite early and it feels like there's nothing to "look forward to", if you go for domination. Plus, the affinity victories are played out in isolation... adding some threat via super weapons to the late game might add some spice to it.

    However, I actually think nukes are lame - what the super weapons should do is making use of the orbital layer and the affinities, so my idle ideas would be something along these lines (with the first one as WMD defence):

    • Orbital Defence Pod: range 1 satellite (30 turns duration), gives ground LoS within range but gives range 6 LoS on the orbital layer; activating the satellite allows destroying one satellite within 6 tiles (consumes the pod).
    • Neutron Accelerator [Supremacy]: range 2 satellite (3 turns duration), destroys all infantry and native life units, all other units take 30 HP damage. City population reduced by 25% and farms and alien nests are pillaged/removed. Effect repeats each turn.
    • Orbital Command [Purity]: range 1 satellite (3 turns duration), places one orbital droptrooper (battlesuit equivalent) each turn in a free tiles, heals own units 10 HP and damages enemy units 50 HP, effect repeats each turn. Satellite can move to 1 adjacent tile each turn.
    • Resonance Shard [Harmony]: range 2 satellite (3 turns duration), fills range with miasma immediately, all units suffer 3x miasma effect per turn (yes, this means Harmony units/native life is healed). Summons 1 wild siege worm in radius per turn.

    All "super satellites" would require 2x titanium, 2x petroleum and 4x affinity resources as well as sufficient affinity level (11? 13?).

    By making the effects cumulative over time, they are less "game-over" effects like nukes but allow somebody with spare orbital defence pods to react to the situation - yet (if used correctly) they are very powerful and can easily turn the tide.

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