[NFP] Support and Attention for the Console Versions of Civ6

Jan 3, 2021
First, I would like to say that pre-New Frontier Pass I would have given the PS4 version of the game a solid 8/10. I started playing on the Switch and had problems on that console (one time a city center vanished from the map but the city was still there) and the occasional crash but figured the game would run better on the PS4 so I rebought the base game along with the expansions when they were released on the PS4 and the game ran better though there were still the occasional but far fewer crashes and problems. Civ 6 is a complex game made for the PC and fully porting all of the functionality of the game, especially all of the tiny details like the breakdown of your gold income, was going to be a challenge if not impossible given the limitations of consoles. The game was functional and fun to play even if the menus were occasionally kind of sluggish and there was no map search function, as far as I can tell.

However, that changed somewhere along the way during the NFP. For me personally that was with the Gaul and Byzantium Pack. The game kept crashing in the late game and got progressively worse as time went on and sometimes a game would get to a point where a specific turn could not be finished because there would always be a crash no matter what you did. This latest update mostly solved the crashing problem for me but it still happened to me on a huge sized map although in a very reduced form.

But speaking to the latest update, the lack of map search function seems to fundamentally change some of the playability Monopolies and Corporations mode on console. I have to manually search every nook and cranny of the map to find each of copy of a luxury resource, which is made even more fun by the fact that a visual bug prevents you from seeing how many copies there actually are on the map. Of course, the unit search function from the December update was not added to consoles to mirror the lack of a map search so now two different updates are less functional on consoles than PC.

I would say visual bugs are the other possible defining feature of the NFP on console but I don’t know how the game is actually supposed to look on console because only the PC version is very shown in official videos. With Secret Societies, on the governors' screen once you have joined a Society they get the same circle with a line through it that a neutralized governor has but I don’t know if that’s bug or the way it is supposed to look on console. The stop asking button was finally introduced to the trade screen this month but now the trade screen looks different and I don’t know if that is a bug. The stop asking button is big and obnoxious and some of the boxes are now different sizes. Going off the way it looks on PC those are bugs but I don’t know for sure.

It seems like the console versions are being poorly tested, if at all. I don’t want to the think but at this point I don’t really seem to have any other options. There is no official communication from Firaxis about how the console versions are supposed to work so there is no way to know if something is bug or not, functioning as intended or not, and so on and so on. I can only compare to the PC versions but they do not always share a 1-to-1 functionally with the console versions. Some kind of communication from Firaxis about how the updates are supposed to function on consoles would be greatly appreciated. The lack of communication is massively frustrating and I honestly do not know if I am going to keep up with the game after NFP given the fact that the console versions of the game seem to be, at best, a secondary concern.

I would like to finish by saying that the NFP is coming out under less-than-ideal circumstances and understand that everything cannot be perfect under those kinds of conditions but the console versions of the game seem to have gotten the short end of the stick compared to the PC versions.

PS. If this could stay in the Ideas and Suggestions subforum I would appreciate it because I want someone from Firaxis to see it and I am not sure they visit the console subforum, which would reinforce my point if true.

PPS. Pictures to demonstrate all of the above.


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Jan 8, 2021

Also amusingly turning music off reduced crashing, especially when loading a save or starting a new game by like 85%

The “restart” feature is still an almost automatic crash though
Jan 3, 2021

For the same reason all of the in game menus are when you try to scroll through me I would imagine.

The “restart” feature is still an almost automatic crash though

Never had that happen to me, luckily.
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