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Tale of Sir Flevance

Codeman said:
so how did the game finally turn out?

Actually I am only a few more turns into it than what I have posted. Most of it I am going to be playing as I write it so that I don't skew from it. I am currently going over what I have written and mostly modifying it. However, upon coming back to it now, I saw some parts I didn't like the flavor of and deleted whole posts and am rewriting them to be a (hopefully) be a bit more entertaining. The post I am going to edit in here is one of the ones I am completely rewriting. It was a rather dull entry but I managed to give it more texture IMO. I have also a few ideas about plot twists I may try and introduce if I can figure out some way to work it in, in a fun way. These story things are a blast. Once this one is done, I may have to try another one. :) Thank you all again for the votes of confidence.

what happened to this? it is like a month old.
I want to hear more!

UPDATE:Alot has happened since I started this. :( I even lost the internet for just over a month. I am about to start this story up again, if anyone still is checking on this thread - Please look at this thread. Again it seems technical difficulties have arose. :confused:
The save is fine but I think my settings are off now due some mods or something. I haven't played civ for about 2-3 months now and would like to see what goes on with America in this game and try and get it into the medieval era as soon as I can at the least.
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