Tech Quote Audio Guidelines


Jul 26, 2022
We're in the middle of polling on quotes for new techs in the upcoming v43, and each new quote will also need an audio recording. So if you want to hear your voice narrating a new scientific discovery alongside Leonard Nimoy, Sid Meier, and your fellow C2C players, this is your chance! There's already some good audio submissions posted, but if you want to record something and you're unsure on how to go about this, I thought it could be helpful to post some guidelines here.

-If you have a microphone of any kind & a way to record audio files, you can audition. But some work should be done to try to reduce static and other background noise on your recording (Audacity is a good program for this; there are others as well).

-Uploading to Youtube and then posting the video to the forum seems to work best. Posting the tech recording with its proper poll is preferred, but I will also accept what's been posted elsewhere.

-Helpful to include the tech 'ding' at the beginning of each clip--this can be found in Caveman2Cosmos\Assets\Sounds\Tech (file name: TECH_GENERIC)

-Strive for a relatively small file size when recording. Less than 200 kb was suggested in Discord as a good standard, unless it's a really long quote. This is for conserving data (larger files means longer loading time)--the voice file will probably lose a little quality being compressed, but that's okay.

We will also be polling on the audio quotes! Once an audio quote poll is started, you can also submit the appropriate quote to that, as well.
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I think we had some older submissions on discord that could be brought into the votes here somehow too... The posters that left them there didn't realize it would take us this long to request these recordings and aren't paying further attention now. We might be able to directly get their attention there and direct them to post the quotes here too.
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