THe Fellowship of the Ring

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Oct 18, 2003
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This is the scenario I said I would release months ago, sorry it took so long but there where many problems that had to be sorted.

I would like to thank the creators of all the units I have used without asking their permission, or even bothering to remember their names.

This is C3C scenario only.
The map I used is the giga map of middle earth posted in the map section. The map size is 362 by 362.

Heres a Pic.

You may choose to be one of four civs:


There are 12 more unplayable civs which include

The Harad
The Lonely Mountain

Playing as Gondor:

The object of this scenario is to safely guide Frodo (Thermo Nuclear Weapon) to Mount doom (Minimum firing distance) and drop the ring into the crack of doom ( bombard Barad-dur and kill the Sauron King unit) Thus destroying the power of the dark forces of mordor.

Note: Some boats have been provided to help the fellowship sail down the Anduin to the falls of Rauros.

To survive the onslaught of Mordor You will have Take Aragorn, legolas and Gimli through the pass of the dead in order for you too wake the army of the dead and bring them to the City of Minas Tirith. From there you fight off the forces of Mordor and chase them to the Black Gate where you will fight the final Battle of the third age.

Note: Gimli is able to build roads enabling you to gain access of the dead warriors trapped in the White Mountains.

Playing as the other players:

Destroy your enemies.

OK, this scenario isn’t working as well as I‘d wanted it to be but if I don’t release it now I probably never will. So I would appreciate any helpful hints.

Here are all the files, you will also need to download kinboats Balrog and Black Dragon these units where far too big too add here. When installing, just stick the first file in the scenarios section and the other files are just units that you can put in the unit folder of this scenario.

This is Black dragon. When downloading, make sure you put the dragon’s sounds into the unit folder.

Here’s the Balrog

P.S. Sorry there so many downloads
Great scenerio! :goodjob:
but wrong forum ;)
Now for some constructive criticism:

-why not make aragorn king unit of gondor instead of denethor? but i guess it would be most reasonable making frodo the king unit.
-spelling (Elrond, Cirith Ungol, Gamgee, Peppin...)
-minas tirith fell, and did so quite too quickly. perhaps dont start the war with mordor so early, gandalf was still very far away when the "siege" began
-i didnt manage to get frodo past minas morgul, the road was always blocked. make perhaps two parallel routes close to each other through the mountains.
-the olog-hai doesnt look like an orc at all. just name it "Troll" or something
-black or white as gondor's civ colors would be more appropriate i guess
-olog-hai, cave troll and undead units lack sound

this scenario is definately worth working on leadheads, civilopedia etc!

btw, i needed to put some unit data form the WH-mod into your units folder. these were the folders:
-Dragon Sounds
-Dragon Black, renamed the folder and the ini to "Black Dragon"

i attached these:
edit: didnt work.
oh yes they were. im sorry.
encyclopedia of arda:
"A race of trolls bred by Sauron in the later years of the Third Age, seen among the trees of southern Mirkwood, and the mountain borders of Mordor. They were superior to other trolls in almost every way: stronger and more powerful, but also showing greater intelligence and skill. Many of their abilities they owed to being under the direct will of their master, Sauron, and while under his control they could exist in direct sunlight, unlike others of their kind.

In the battle before the Gates of Mordor, Aragorn and the Captains of the West encountered a company of large trolls, identified as 'hill-trolls out of Gorgoroth'1. That battle took place in sunlight, and so it seems to follow that the hill-trolls must have been Olog-hai. They are described as being taller than a man, and covered in horny scales, carrying hammers and bucklers in their claws, though there is no way of knowing whether this description applies to all of the Olog-hai, or just to those in the battle. "
Thank for all the Input, I know this isn't much of a Mod but I thought that there was too much to download for a scenario. I didn't include the balrog or the Black dragon because they where so big, I did explain this above but I guess not very well.

Thanks for the comments on the spelling mistakes and the way the game plays. I will try and fix but I,m Not quite sure how to do it. As for some of the units lacking sound, well Ididn,t make them and so there not much I can do there.

P.S. What about speed is it slow when it plays.
the speed is relatively slow, comparable to world 2003 but acceptable. this is bc of the map size. however i dont see a possibility on speeding it up if not by using a smaller map.
Bloody good idea as regarding the Army of the Dead!

A nice preview to the upcoming mod. This will satisfy my desire for a LoTR mod for now!
What Files do I need to replace for the Black Dragon and Balrog to get it to work?
So what would I have to do exactly to get it work I've tried a few things but so far unsuccsesful
Ok I been looking through the units file and I can't see what the problem is. The only thing I think it can be is the units sounds Have you made sure that they are in the right place.

Can you explain what problems you are having in more detail.
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