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[TOT] Civ2 Test of Time Fantasy Ragnarok and Midgard Issues


May 2, 2024
I had an itch to play this game after about 20 years and tried playing the midgard scenario and gave up because of how messed up it was and tried the normal fantasy version but got frustrated with this one too.

For the Midgard scenario:
Played as elves, bribed frost giants, bribed fairies, bribed dwarves, killed ancient dragon, killed venus fly trap island and got a settler and made a city, found dwarf hidden ring, bribed tree thing, never killed the worm or found the hidden underground lake. I killed several capital cities (without capturing, just disappears) and wiped out 3 of the other civilizations and that apparently breaks the quests which are bugged anyway. Some of the remaining civs just exist as units hiding in bedrock without any cities but can still trade techs with each other.. ok whatever.
I'm on the future tech 50+ and still no bifrost with nothing else to research. Research completes every turn because I own pretty much every city on all 4 maps.
I can't build a siege engine, not sure why?
The volsang bad terrain keeps creeping everywhere and I can't seem to do any of the 3 victory conditions so just quit this bugged piece of crap scenario lol.

For the fantasy scenario:
Tried about 6 games in a row and every game ends the same. I guess the AI kills an ancient dragon, reads a scroll and then the entire map turns to ice killing every city and unit and ending the game usually within the first 50 turns. It happens rather early on in the game so I can't have an enjoyable experience. Is there a way to disable this in the event file somehow?

The Ice Titans and their allies have won. Almost all
of Midgard is covered in ice. With perhaps one or two
miraculous exceptions, all wonders cease to exist.
You may still be able to conquer the world but now it
will be but a pitiful victory.

Yeah killing Civ capitals will definitely ensure you never get the Bifrost victory. Presumably another event didn't happen that gives you a tech required to get to the Siege engine techs too. The official 1.1 patch fixes a bunch of problems and there's a fan patch that fixes a lot of the bugs too but even with the patches and leaving capitals and successfully triggering almost every single story event I still failed to get the bifrost victory due to no worms seemingly appearing in my game. Soon as a I cheated a worm in it triggered the final missing event and I was able to go for bifrost. Shame the scenario's events are put together like old Christmas tree lights as I had a lot of fun playing it. I go into way more detail over in our main Midgard thread here:

As for the base fantasy scenario, I've never played it so I'm not really any help with that one sorry. I guess you could delete that particular event stopping the AIs from ending the game early lol. Or make an Elder dragon more powerful so the AIs can't kill it.
Thanks, I downloaded both of those things and now my problem with the midgard scenario seems to be that each race starts with the options to research things they shouldn't be able to research: BIFROST, Ally with Dragons, Ally with Frost Giants, Ally with Dwarves, Ragnarok, maybe some other techs that shouldn't be researchable. It looks like the AI researches Bifrost first then the game ends like 20 turns later or so. Now the midgard scenario is even more unplayable. Anyway to fix?
Don't really have a solution as these things should not be happening mate.. there's something very wrong going on with your scenario events and rules files.

I guess I could send you my (fully patched) events, rules & scr files for both Midgard and Fantasy to override yours with and see what happens when you start new games with them.. but if these freak events still continue to occur after that then I've got no more ideas other than telling you to start over with a fresh install off the CD as these things should not be happening!
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