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Feb 24, 2024
Vox Populi v4.5, Communitu_79a map, King, all settings default except I unchecked "enable event system". I have a little experience with the game but not with this forum.
Stockholm has a monument, a shrine, plus 50 unassigned production from a ruin this turn towards either a warrior or a granary.
I was going to conquer a neighbour with authority + altitude training + statue of Zeus + pearls monopoly->god of the sea->fast hero worship/teocalli. Now it seems I have no neighbour but two city states.
Normally I'd restart an isolated Sweden, but the map looks otherwise great.
1) I'm wrong about being isolated. The map generation is better than I think, and I'm separated from a larger continent by coastal water but not ocean.
2) Authority, conquer the city states even though they're not ideal targets.
3) Authority just for barbarians, tribute, and post-astronomy warfare.
4) Progress for peaceful expansion, even though Sweden has no early science bonus to fuel culture.
5) Tradition. Stockholm will have a lot of growth to fuel culture, but all these coastal cities don't need extra growth.
6) Restart because Sweden's UA needs early wars.
Spoiler Game state :
Oh man, there just isn't a wrong way to play the game, as long as you win. Just options as you say.

As far as being isolated, the benefits usually outweigh everything. You generally have no fear of invasion from a major civilization during the early game. IMO foreign trade is an awful option early game so you'll want to internally trade Food or Production anyways.

Dealing with city states aggressively or diplomatically is another choice. Both can work. I Annex most of them close to me to be honest. It's less maintenance. And it's annoying when your enemies ally with them constantly. Just annex them. But again if you choose Statecraft you may not want to Annex them.

Tradition is SO good IMO. Peaceful or aggressive, I love it. And you want growth, growth, growth. I can never get enough playing as Tradition.
You can certainly restart if you feel that it will be a less enjoyable game. An isolated start is certainly very different. Said said I think it is literally impossible to generate a start that is impossible to win with.

Authority bullying the CS multiple time then seeing what else is around sounds fine. There is a reasonable chance there is another player on your land mass and even more likely there is someone within shallow seas range.
Don't settle too much land, maybe 2 expos only where the NWs are, leaving a lot of room for barb camps spawns. I see 7 pearls so connecting 4-5 with 2-3 cities only should be enough for the (very worthy) faith monopoly. You can ignore the bottom part of the tech tree and use scouts and archers against barbarians for a while. Get a navy up and discover other landmasses, if possible rushing the great lighthouse for added movement/vision.

Or restart. :p
Are you sure that the fog doesn't lead to more land?
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