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May 3, 2008
are there any talks about making a mod that will re introduce intelligence and religions into the game?

I've heard the official response to that religions only true function in the game was as a political divider until free religion civic was possible and thus was nerfed...

all I have to say is: "well, buddy. Its apparent that you've never been to the middle-east."

Religions as a political divider? well, no $h!t dude!

While the system behind the religious buildings management left much to be desired it would be wrong to claim that the whole system was flawed.

In my BTS games I had bloody wars of conversions or wars to break an existing religious hegemonic empire with it's vassals and it was(is) marvelous!

When it comes to intelligence what I have to say is that in game sessions where I was unfortunate enough to be reduced to a small empire\state that of course would not be able to support the significant scientific advance that is required in order to stay technologically in line with my peers, in those times my spies where to emerge as priceless units because they have allowed me to wage a war of terror attacks against my friends common enemies and thus weaken their position to a point where even a small detachment could consolidate a bridgehead for my dwindling forces. Most of the times I still had a few lucrative deals with my allies and friends so I could pay for intelligence related actions but not the technology to hold a full advancing battlefront so my spies as I've mentioned where priceless.

Please notice that I did not ask for an opinion so spare me the educational "you are obviously wrong because you have a different taste" type of post, I couldn't care less.

What I am asking is does anyone knows about someone who's currently working or planning to be engaged in the making of a mod of such nature.

Thank you all in advance. :)
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