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Things in this game that annoy you to no end

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by BARBEERIAN, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Sincro

    Sincro Thou hast no Cu, again...

    May 29, 2009
    Canton, Ohio
    Ok, here's something else that annoys me to no end. When the diplo screen does not make any sense.

    Here's the situation: 1615 AD. I am playing Cyrus, my religion is Confucian. Shaka controls my entire northern border, save for 4 tiles, he founded and is also Confucian. He likes me (pleased, which I know doesn't make me safe but it beats being cautious...), which is always a plus. My entire eastern border, and 4 northern tiles are controlled by Mehmed, who is Buddhist, although he is not the founder. His northern city forms a 5 tile border with Shaka, and the remaining 4 with me. And although there is a massive culture war going on for that city, neither Shaka nor Mehmed is getting 'close borders' diplo hits with the other. I of course have that diplo hit with both of them... The rest of my border is ocean.

    Here's the thing that has me tearing out my hair in frustration: Mehmed and Shaka are both pleased with each other, which means neither of them has gone to war against the other all game. In fact, Shaka hasn't declared on anyone, nor even slipped into WHEOOHRN all game, which is almost mind-boggling. Aaaaaand, since they are pleased with each other, and have the first and second largest military forces respectively, I cannot go to war with one without massive risk of ending up in a war with both.


    When was the last time you saw Shaka leading in score, number of cities, and power, and not have seen him declare on anyone else that late in the game?
  2. covok48

    covok48 Emperor

    Feb 25, 2002
    I'm sure its been mentioned before on this thread many times but.

    Seriously one attack per turn for naval units? What do they run out of ammunition?

    "Oh sorry Admiral we are only a force of 5 modern steel battleship squadrons but those 12 galleons managed to get though an unload a massive enemy force on our shores because we...er...couldn't attack again. (shrugs) Sorry."

    This combined with no real shore bombardment that actually...you know...damages enemy units makes naval combat practically worthless in the game.
  3. Berkobob

    Berkobob Warlord

    Feb 10, 2008
    Melbourne, Australia
    On high difficulty level, you attack an opponent with a tech advantage (eg rifles + trebs vs longbows) and him being two or three techs from rifles.

    Three to five turns later, he is upgrading his longbowmen to rifles of his own :)
  4. Patak

    Patak Warlord

    Jun 29, 2009
    No possibility for an automated reacon mission for the bombers. I often end up ruling my continent expecting masive invasions by the AI. This is why I have airships/bombers/stealth bombers in each of my costal cities scouting for the enemy navy stacks aproching my shores. It takes 5 minutes per turn to do it manually. Why cant I automaticly assign one bomber per city for scouting the sea and have this fields visible at the beggining of the turn.
  5. dennisg

    dennisg Warlord

    Jan 16, 2008
    I hate it when I tell a worker to build a road, and he's so damned concentrated in his work he doesn't see or care about the barb that walks up right next to him and kills him. Idiot worker.
  6. Juff

    Juff Chieftain

    Jan 15, 2010
    I'm pretty sure my workers stop whatever they're building and wait for new orders when a barb saunters up next to them?
  7. dennisg

    dennisg Warlord

    Jan 16, 2008
    Yeah they usually do...for some reason, and I'm pretty sure about this, he kept digging and didn't stop to "warn" me. I just happened to see him standing there digging away with a barb next to him and I couldn't move him until the next turn. <sigh>
  8. Deckhand

    Deckhand Procrastination at its finest GOTM Staff

    Sep 22, 2008
    Right. The game prompts me to give an order to an idle worker. Hey! Lazybones - I told you to build that road. Press R. Then realize there is a barb next to him. oops :cringe:
  9. automator

    automator King

    Sep 15, 2005
    Northwest USA
    Only getting back to cIV recently.

    What's annoying me more than anything else are moody AI. You know the type. They're your best friend. You've been in mutual wars with them since the dawn of time. You share a religion with them. Tech and resource trades have gone without a hitch. But that's not enough, because they think it's funny to turn around and crush you. Ha ha guys.


    Join Kublai Khan and Louis XIV in crushing Washington. Utter devastation (actually, I just sat back and built infrastructure while those two crushed Washington). Khan gets excited by war and turns on me, which angers Louis, who turns on him. After a dozen turns of that beat down, Khan gives up and Louis hands back to me a town that Khan had taken. Now that's what friends are for, right? So things are fine for a while longer. Just when I thought I had made something of my little empire, Louis forgets our friendship and brings Khan into war with me. For good measure, he convinces Gilgamesh, who'd been chilling quietly, to join in the war. Ten short turns later, I'm down to a town on the tundra.

    Less annoying, but still annoying, are the leaders who have a burning hatred for no reason. I'm facing that in my current game. I've got the southwestern tail of a massive continent (6 civs on just that continent). Charlemagne is my next door neighbor. His neighbors are Tokugawa and Shaka. Finally, at the far end of the continent is Justinian and Ghandi.

    So who hates me? Justinian. Nothing to do with religion. Nothing to do with enemy trading. He just hates me. Out of nowhere he shows up with a pathetic SoD, fails, and I get a token prize for peace. Ten turns later, a new, but still pathetic SoD appears (I'm lightyears ahead of him in tech, making Muskets while he's showing up with Axemen and Chariots).
  10. TheMeInTeam

    TheMeInTeam Top Logic

    Jan 26, 2008
    Then you are...


    Any worker on the "route to" command, whether automated or not, will happily blow his movement load right next a barb in plain sight. DanF5771 documented it and I've encountered it a bajillion times.

    Another issue that doesn't get touched along with other control bugs, possibly because not enough people play this game quickly and use all the hotkeys for issues that have been around for 3 years to get patched. No, we'd rather try to balance super obscure things like wall whip overflow than make the controls work, I guess.
  11. Artemesian

    Artemesian Chieftain

    Jan 27, 2010
    I protect Washington. That said, I hate it when he declares on me. Or every civ in the world decides to declare on him after I’ve beaten a few civs off America.

    In normal civ (before expansions) he used to be such a good leader and great buddy. (I love permanent alliances). He would expand everywhere, build a large army and proceed to kick tail. I would do everything in my power to suck up to him, and together we’d rule the world.

    In the expansion packs he’s not himself. I suppose not being financial organized might have something to do with that. :D

    But here are a number of things that make me go hmm.

    I love big empires, so at times I like to designate certain cities with a line of production, without having to manually go to each city list and give them their commands. I really wish you could group a bunch of cities together like you can an army, or like how buildings can be grouped in warcraft 3. If someone could tell me how, that’d be wonderful.

    Sometimes I will have production for cities saved in 1 or 2 or 3 etc. In the city list (the one with all the cities in your country) it seems you can’t select a block of cities to assign the list, without manually clicking on each one to assign the list. Nor can you set a rally point on the map from that screen. So you have to manually click on a city, set rally point, etc, and do the same when undoing or resetting the rally point. This makes for a pain in the @#$@ when you have more than 70-100 cities in your empire... (I know you can select your entire civ to set a rally point, but I don't usually like doing this has I have different rally points, for different reasons, and its a pain resetting rally points).

    You might say, but you’ve already won with that many cities! Not always, some maps even the AI had that amount of cities, and we where both building up towards a confrontation.

    I don’t like vassals, but at times I play with it on. So it’s really annoying when civs will jump into the battle to vassal whatever I am conquering. I suppose that's opportunistic but it usually makes that particular civ a target...

    Some civs refuse to declare unless friendly. This is extremely annoying. I figure there are two factions more or less in civ, the war-like types, and the happy flower picking peace-loving types. Alot of peacelover types won’t help each other, or you, unless they are friendly. Even if you are in a way fighting on their behalf. Yet they’ll spam you for help if strange armies are marauding in their territory... This is annoying because most peaceloving types are trustworthy. IE: they won’t backstab you at pleased. I can't make friends with the other side, because... I have Washington to protect! And they usually hate him.

    The world has gone to war, so you call up your list of trustworthy war buddies (who are not in the war) but all or most display in red: we have enough on our hands at the moment, for 20 or 40 turns. After a gazillion battles later, they decide they’re not so busy after all...

    Ghandi (Gone-die), is a landholder, and not an actual real leader. :D (or at it seems in my games!)

    There’s more but I wouldn’t want to bore you all with the details.

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