To nvidia players having random crashes


Sep 28, 2010
Hi there,

if you are like me with a nvidia graphics card (I have a 9600M GT) having random crashes (after 10,30,50 turns etc ..) here is a possible solution for you that worked for me.

1. Update your nvidia drivers to the latest beta 260.63 (you have to go to "Beta and Archived Drivers" for those). When installing go to custom and choose "clean install".
2. Choose Performance over Quality in your nvidia control center options.
3. Re-install the DirectX that comes inside the Civ V DVD (but I guess you could re-install any DirectX 9.0c).
4. Choose low setting for leaders animation on game graphic options setup.

This worked for me. I hope it works for you.
I guess not all points are mandatory but I cannot tell which one(s) did the trick. If I have to make a guess I would go for points 1. and 4.

Good Luck!
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