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Trading tips. What should i do?

Discussion in 'Civ3 - General Discussions' started by fullhouse, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. fullhouse

    fullhouse Chieftain

    Sep 7, 2005
    Civ: Iriquois
    Difficulty: Emperor

    Ive just stepped up to emperor level and ive got a sort of problem.

    Im on a continent with America, Aztecs and Babylonians.
    Im slightly behind on the techs, just reached the second age and im researching Engineering (very slowly).
    All 3 of the other civs have Monotheism which i can trade for when necessary.

    Now, I sent out half a dozen galleys and managed to get to the next continent with 4 or 5 more civs, its accross a lot of ocean so no other civ can get there just yet.
    They are all quite ahead on the techs, all have 3 or 4 from this age.

    Now the problem is I only have the funds to buy 1 tech from any of the civs on that continent, and none of the civs on my continent have enough money to buy them from me.

    For example i could buy Feudalism from India for 600 gold + a world map, then the max i could realistically make from selling it on would be 30 or so gold from each of the other civs.

    Other than money all they will trade for is contact with other civs, which, atm, is my only advantage in the game.

    So should i sell contact with the other civs, or try and keep the advantage to myself while it lasts? build up more more money and hope the civs on my island do the same?

    and why dont civs like money per turn?
    I can buy a tech for say 500gold, but if i offer 100 per turn, they are 'insulted by the offer'...?
  2. namliaM

    namliaM Deity

    Apr 4, 2005
    Be the middle man.. Dont sell your contacts...

    You probably dont have the actual GPT to cover the 100 gpt payment.
    Since they cannot know any of "your" civs your rep overthere MUST be good. So turn down the slider on the science so you are actually earning GPT.
    Then try and buy your way into one of the trees. MA = 2 trees, top (Mono=> Theo=> PP and Education) and bottom Engeneering+Feud => Gunpowder etc

    AI like the top cause of the Wonders. Research Engeneering & Feud (Feud = government = verry expensive to buy from the AI) Then buy gunpowder and research up that path. Then you can probably get a monopoly there and trade your way around to tech leader.

    OR capture the GL?!

    If you have 600 cash at the moment that is why you are behind on tech... To much cash!
  3. Choffy

    Choffy One more turn

    May 26, 2004
    Continents 80% water
    - Don't sell your contacts.
    - Your reputation on your island may be bad. Yet it should be fine on the other continent.
    - If AIs on your continent are poor, I would not sell them a tech for 30 golds. Just left them behind. When you will be 3/4 techs ahead, you might sell them one useless tech (e.g. Music Theory and not chivalry).

    - If going for domination victory, I will try to get chivalry ASAP and capture all cities on my continent. Then, with the added population, you should be able to research quicker, tech that will be cheaper.

    - If your goal is more long term,you should try to trade tech between the 4/5 AIs on the new continent. See what you can do if you research techs to go ASAP to Education with increased science slider (you might spend some of your gold to rush build 2/3 libraries in your core cities).
  4. berserks01

    berserks01 Obviously Very Confused

    Apr 22, 2005
    I would keep knowledge of the other civs from them for as long as possible, and buy techs from them to trade for techs you don't have from the civs on your island.

    They're not accepting gpt probably because you've had a rep hit and they don't trust you enough to hold that deal, or if you don't have money to cover it.

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